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Mon Jan 6 18:00:18 EST 2003

Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote in message ...
|it's 'hilarious'... the dimensions of my 'cage' are shrinking,
|in teal-'time' :-]
|it's why i've been 'storming'-around, a bit.
|Anyway, I've begged and begged to be allowed to advise folks who
|the decisions that impact everyone else - last i heard, all my
|'begging' amounted to was some 'jokes' going-around in W.D.C.
|that's what those folks actually 'think' of Citizens' embracing
|Responsibilities under The Constitution of The United States of
|to them, despite all of their 'spinning' things otherwise during
|media appearances, 'citizenry is a joke'.
|if anyone 'wonders', it's why i'm so 'pissed-off', today.
|i'd 'like' to go down-there, and one by one, grab every one of them
|by the collar, and =gently= shake until they awaken from their
|in-the-Beltway stupor.

There're some who've been at their posts all along - John McCain, for

It's not a 'Dem\Rep' thing. The stuff I've been talking about in this
part of the thread has been going on across administrations, like I
said for at least two decades [this year].

There's 'just' this 'band-wagon' mentality in W.D.C., and anyone who
tries to stand against it gets hammered by the 'coersed-consensus'

It's why I so admire John McCain. He sort of 'flips the bird' at the
'coersed consensus' stuff, and does what's right for America.

But, man-oh-man! have they ever 'miscalculated' when they 'think'
they can just exert their 'coerced consensus' stuff in the matter of
NDT's understanding.

Such, =VERIFIABLY= constitutes Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder.

They know that, and that's why they're doing the things they're doing

Big Mistake.

It's such a @##$$%%^ cess-pool down there.

K. P. Collins

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