Quantum effects in the brain

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Franz Heymann wrote in message ...
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|> Why not?
|> I do it when I realize, after posting the first thing, that
|> more that needs to be said with respect to what I'd posted -
|> clarification.
|> Is there something 'wrong' with doing this?
|> I find it unacceptable to withhold info that I've realized is
|> pertinent, and, in the context of this or that that I've posted,
|> possibly not obvious.
|> Again, why not do so?
|On the other hand, snce your posts are invariably meaningless
|has it not occured to you that it might be easier not to post at
|And if you find that impossible, desist from top posting.

The stuff I'm discussing is likely to be unfamiliar to folks, and
therefore 'difficult'.

That results, within nervous systems of those who're relatively
ignorant with respect to it, an illusion of there 'being drivel' :-]

You see, Franz, as anything is 'learned' such 'learning' takes the
form of microscopic trophic [growth] modifications within a nervous

Until such micromods occur within a nervous system, in a way that's
rigorously correlated with an information set via neural impulse
activity that, itself, is rigorously correlated with the information
set, the nervous system cannot even 'think' a 'thought' that's
correlated with the information set.

It's what you're experiencing re. what I post, and I suggest you
either put aside trivialities, like the way I format my posts, and
work, a bit, to actually comprehend the stuff I'm discussing, or take
your own advice and just 'go away', otherwise, all you can do is
demonstrate your ignorance with respect to the stuff I'm discussing.

Don't take this as a 'put-down'. It's all just in the facts of how
nervous systems process information, and, therefore, sharing such
understanding is verifiably the kindest thing that anyone can do for

'Course, such seldom 'penetrates' for the first decade or so :-]

K. P. Collins

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