Quantum effects in the brain

Bill Vajk bill9north at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 9 18:53:23 EST 2003

Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote:

> It's 'hilarious', and admittedly, not undeservedly so - you've come
> into a discussion that;s been going on for going on two decades,
> bringing up stuff that's been hammered on infinitum, and are
> obviously, feeling rather 'smug' with respect to what you offer.

Well perhaps you shouldn't have disregarded it for two decades in
which alternative it is likely you'd be eating better. Glad you
think it hilarious though. I think it pretty funny in a pathetic
sort of way that you've been promoting the same looser ideas for
so long.

Similarly, Mark Ethan Smith spent decades speaking out against the
use of diminutive feminine pronouns. She was afforded the advantage
of state care in a mental health facility.

Please add insanity to the list I provided earlier.

William J. Vajk
Techny,  Illinois

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