Quantum effects in the brain

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Bill Vajk wrote in message <3E1E0B6F.5090506 at hotmail.com>...
|Kenneth 'pawl' Collins wrote:
|> It's 'hilarious', and admittedly, not undeservedly so - you've
|> into a discussion that;s been going on for going on two decades,
|> bringing up stuff that's been hammered on infinitum, and are
|> obviously, feeling rather 'smug' with respect to what you offer.
|Well perhaps you shouldn't have disregarded it for two decades in
|which alternative it is likely you'd be eating better. Glad you
|think it hilarious though. I think it pretty funny in a pathetic
|sort of way that you've been promoting the same looser ideas for
|so long.

'Disregarded' what?

What's 'hilarious' is that you come out of the blue proposing a lot
of stuff that's been taken care of in NDT for decades already, which
validates my 'begging' via the substance of your supposedly
'over-driven', 'complexity', blah, blah, blah, because I resolved all
of the issues you brought up, and, indeed all that you or anyone else
can bring up - in terms of the way that their hierarchical
resolutions are actualized within nervous systems.

So, by dint of your position, I guess the work I've accomplished is
pretty special - you know, if great, big-number-throwing-around minds
like yours can't propose anything that's not already resolved
in-there :-]

Guess I've got a right to 'beg'. Thanks for your support :-]

|[Deliberately hurtful, 3rd-party ref deleted.]

|Please add insanity to the list I provided earlier.


k. p. collins

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