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Sat Jan 11 15:04:18 EST 2003

In this post, I'll provide a little [non-comprehensive] overview of
Tapered Harmony's [TH] basic position. The Compton 'scattering' apps
that I posted in the recent past had the same goal. Those apps
demonstrated everything that's important, in a way that communicates
sufficiently, but I received zero comments [other than a repeated
declaration, from one poster, that the early version was "Mickey
Mouse"]. My jaw has been hanging down at this absence of response to
what I know [Forgive me, please] is ground-shaking fundamental

In the apps, I demonstrated that the delta energies and 'scattering'
aqngles observed in the Compton-'scattering' experimental setup
coincide exactly with radius-variation of a sphere undergoing
periodic compression and expansion.

I explained accompanying posts what SSW<->UES and SWS<->UES harmonics
are - spherical standing waves comprised of quantities of energy that
are 'trapped' in compression-expansion harmonic interaction within an
energy-surround [the universal energy supply; UES].

I explained that energy becomes so 'trapped' because, during some
creation violence, what's been referred to as "constant c" actually
varies commensurate to the degree of violence, and when the violence
rapidly subsides, there's more energy 'trapped' in the spherical
volume than can pass through the surface area of the sphere without
violating the post-creation-violence 'c'. I explained that there is
an energy-density waxing and waining within the sphere of 'trapped'
energy which results from the energy coming up against the inner and
outer limits of the spherical Geometry.

I've provided, in the past, examples of just-stuff forming
macroscopic 'atoms' in a way that's analogous to the way
'just'-energy 'traps' energy within spherical standing waves in
Tapered Harmony - water being trapped behind a thin-sheet waterfall,
so that the level of the water continuously 'trapped' behind the thin
sheet of falling water is higher than the water level in the rest of
the pool into which the water falls - the 'trapped' water is a
macroscopic 'atom'; water going over a dam at a flood, where the
water can be a foot or more higher than the dam - the wave of water
that's 'trapped' behind the continuously-flowing water above the
height of the dam is a macroscopic 'atom' - I posted another example
of a fountain in which many orthogonal surfaces create many standing
waves [continuously-flowing water 'trapping' water]; I discussed the
shampoo experiment in which a fine continuous stream of shampoo
falling into a pool of shampoo forms a little-mound standing wave,
out of which, every now and then, comes a little squirt of shampoo,
the duration, quantity, and directionality of which are determined by
the continuous flowing of the fine stream into the little mound. I've
provides a lot of other examples of macroscopic 'atoms', all of which
are just stuff 'containing' stuff, as is the case in the SSW<->UES
compression-expansion harmonics.

I explained that the inner limit corresponds to the relatively
'nucleated' portion of both the SSW's compression and expansion
phases. This limit coincides with the Impossibility of
energy-density's becoming infinite.

I explained that the outer limit [no Rod Sterling jokes allowed :-]
corresponds to the condition in which the expansion of the SSW
results in the compression of the energy-surround local to the SSW. I
explained that this constitutes a portion of both the SSW compression
and expansion phases during which the energy 'trapped' within the SSW
tends toward being compressed in a spherical shell. When such occurs,
because there's more energy 'trapped' within the SSW than can pass
through this energy-surround compression, the SSW expansion phase
reaches an energy-density maximal limit - it is as if the
energy-surround has become 'solid' - and the energy 'trapped' within
the SSW rebounds, which marks the begining of the SSW's compression

I explained how these SSW compression-expansion harmonics are
actually =driven= by work that's performed by the energy-surround,
which work can be measured by the heating of the SSW<->UES harmonic,
and that this work, which can be observed as heat, and in the
accelerating 'expansion' of the universe, constitutes the fundamental
essence of the universal energydynamic that is what's described by
2nd Thermo [wdb2t; but is not 2nd Thermo it's statistical self,
because the work-heat energydynamic that is what's =described= by 2nd
Thermo is exact and deterministic, resulting in its entirety from the
energy-density limit-'wars' that are described above [there remains
stuff in need of quantification, here that I've not yet gotten to
[that's not it - I've done the calc, I've just not given it a
language interface, outside of programs like the Compton 'scattering'
apps] - in particular, the energy-surrounds analogue of 'coefficient
of friction', which will be an all-universe-applicable 'number' that,
itself, varies in magnitude with energy-density in a
rigorously-deterministic way - this calc is not 'difficult' - I've
just not gotten around to it yet - I refer to this number as the
"c-replacement", because that's what it is, and give it the name
"ephemerance" [coined from "ephemeral"], which connotes "energy's
freedom to move"]. The 'nucleating' and 'shelling' energy-density
limits of the SSW<->UES harmonics are just relative ephemerance [in
which one can literally see that everything is deterministically,
infinitely-divisibl-ly, 'calculated'].

I explained that SWS<->UES harmonics are much like the SSW<->UES
harmonics, in that they both have radial compression-expansion
dynamics, the main difference being that the SWS<->UES harmonics tend
not to encounter a 'shelling' maximum with respect to the
energy-surround, so they 'travel' as 'expanding' SWSs. The
energy-surround performs work with respect to these SWSs - basically,
the SWS pushes against the energy-surround, and the energy-surround
pushes back, which results in the SWS being everywhere sustained,
even though it's expanding - the ability to instantiate this
work-heat dynamic is what determines whether or not EM radiation will
exist. The work inherent is not 'free'. It's accountable in universal
wdb2t, and in the 'expansion' of the universe, with respect to which
it registers as a red-shift.

I've explained, in long-former posts, how, and why the 'electric' and
'magnetic' components of EM radiation conform to, and derive in, the
SWS<->UES harmonic compression [magnetic component] and expansion
[electric component] phases - that E & M just reflect the
directionality of the energy-surround's flowing with respect to the
periodic phasing of the SWS<->UES harmonic. Of course there's
overlap, but during the SWS expansion, the UES is pushed. During SWS
compression, the UES pushes back. The two energy-flow
directionalities inherent are observed as the 'electric' and
'magnetic' components of EM radiation.

I've explained how observations which have been interpreted as
'substantiating the 'existences' of so-called "sub-atomic particles"
are erroneous - that the observations pertain, not to 'discrete
particle' stuff but, rather, wave-wave interactions that reflect the
mutual energy-density variations of SWS<->UES and SSW<->UES
harmonics, coicidental with their 'sharing' space during their

I've explained that if, say, an SWS is out of phase with an SSW, they
will pass right through each other.

On the other hand, if an SWS is relatively-compressed, and an SSW is
relatively-compressed, then they'll interact, to commensurate degree,
as if they were =tending-toward= 'solidity'. I've explained that this
is exactly what's happening in Compton 'scattering', which is exactly
what's demonstrated in the Compton-scattering apps I posted =ecxept=
that, rather than constituting a mechanical 'collision', the
underpinning dynamics are purely EM =refraction= due to the
continuously-varying Geometrically-distributed energy-density
variations that are what constitutes both the SWS<->UES and SSW<->UES

That is, there exist no so-called 'discrete particles' in-there. All
the observations that have been interpreted as 'substantiating the
existences' of so-called 'discrete particles' 'just' substantiate the
physically-real existence of these energy-density =refraction=

The crucial thing is that, as the SSW<->UES harmonics continuously
unfold, the energy densities of both the 'nucleating' [central]
'portion of the SSW and the peripheral 'shelling' 'portion' of the
SSW, undergo cyclical variation.

Incoming energy [in the form of spherical wave shells [SWS], having
various magnitude, will interact with the energy 'trapped' in the
'nucleating' and/or 'shelling' 'portions of the SSW<->UES harmonic in
rigorous accord with the 'instantaneous' energy gradients in 'nuc'
and 'shell', which is, of course, rigorously subject to the
continuously-varying spherical Geometry of the SSW<->UES harmonic.

What this means is that the incoming SWS will 'see' 'shell' and 'nuc'
energy gradients which are, themselves, continuously varying with the
SSW Geometry, and be-cause the SWS is, itself, a
compression-expansion harmonic, there is a rigorous periodicity to
the energy interaction dynamics.

In the case of SWS interaction with the SWS while it's energy density
is 'shell'-dominant, the curvature of the SSW is relatively 'gentle,
and and so is the energy distribution within the relatively large
'shell', so all the SWS<->SSW interactions that'll occur will reflect
commensurate energy transitions and directionality refractions - the
observables  will be feferred to as pertaining to "leptons", and
correlated to the so-called 'weak interaction.

The same is True with respect to SWS<->SSW interactions during the
'nucleation'-dominant 'portion' of the SSW<->UES harmonics, only,
be-cause the energy densities are relatively greater during
'nucleation', and be-cause the 'nucleating' curvature tends toward
relative extremes, resultant energy transitions and directionality
changes will both tend to be relatively greater than is in the case
with respect to SSW 'shelling' dynamics - the observable will be
referred to as pertaining to "hadrons", and correlated to the
so-called 'strong interaction'

What's been referred to as "antimatter" is not some sort of 'contray'
form of energy 'compartmentalization', but, rather is 'just' the
result of their being two phases in the SSW<->UES harmonics. During
compression, the incoming SWS 'sees' a continuously 'shrinking'
spherical Geometry, but during expansion the incoming SWS 'sees' a
continuously 'growing' spherical Geometry.

The 'difference' between 'matter' and 'anti-matter' is 100% reducible
to these two energy-density-variation Geometries, which are both
spherically convex with respect to the incoming SWS, but are exact
inverses with respect to 'instantaneous' SWS energy-flow

The last thing is what results in what's been referred to as
"antimatter" having the 'appearance' of it's being 'the opposite' of
what's been referred to as "matter".

"Matter" and "antimatter" "anihilate" each other when they meet
be-cause they embody the inverse Geometries in which they were
created. When they meet, their inverse Geometries 'un-do' each other,
and the energy that was 'contained' within them, having lost it's
'containment' Geometry just flows freely back into the UES. It's the
same thing that would happen on the macroscopic scale if, say, a
two-compartment cylinder, top-half filled with liquid stuff that's
been sent spinning in one direction, bottom half filled with [same
mass of] liquid stuff that's been set spinning in the opposite
direction - then the barrier between the two bodies of
oppositely-spinning fluids is removed, allowing the fluids to mix -
as they mix, they'll 'anihilate' their opposite spinning-ness, giving
off heat - leaving a quieted body of fluid.

All of what's been considered to constitute evidence substantiating
the existence of so-called "discrete particles" derives in the facts
of the continuous variations of both the SWS and SSW Geometries.

All of the SWS<->SSW interaction dynamics [energy-exchange dynamics]
are analogous to what would be a particularly-violent version of an
"egg-beater" type of amusement park thrill ride. Imagine yourself as
first the energy of the 'portion' of the SWS that interacts with the
SSW, and then as the energy of the 'portion' of the SSW that
interacts with the SWS, and 'go for a ride' on this 'egg beater'

In this extreme version of the "egg beater", the 'rider' [the energy]
experiences not only the force of transition from peripheral Geometry
to central Geometry, but, also, the whole Geometry's expansion and

All of the observable qualities of the so-called "discrete particles"
derive in this extreme spherical-Geometry variation.

What've been referred to as "spin" and "angular momentum" fall right
out of the during-interaction spherical Geometry be-cause of the
energydynamics of both the SWS and SWS compression-expansion

What's been referred to as "magnetic moment" requires doing all this
with two or more SSW<->UES harmonics, which I'll leave for later,
after folks've had a chance to grasp what's here.

The crucial thing is that the energy density that an SSW<->UES
harmonic presents to any incoming SWS harmonic varies continuously,
and for instance, the paths taken by the detritus of collisions in
'particle' accelerators 100% reduces to these interactive
energy-density variations.

The SSW<->UES harmonics are so variationally-'violent' that the
Geometry of the incoming SWS gets 'morphed' from one 'instant' to the
next - in much the same fashion in which Cosmologists've imagined
matter being morphed and ripped apart as it transitions across the
event horizons of so-called "black holes" - as the energy density
that the SSW presents to the SWS continuously varies. This creates,
for idealized instance, 'comma'-like energy distributions which have
intrinsic angular momenta as they're flung  out of the collision
focus. Put such in a magnetic field, and the detritus follows a
stereotypical path that rigorously correlates with the way it was
geometrically morphed during its interaction with the SSW<->UES
harmonic Geometry.

The various magnitudes of correlated energy derive in the Geometrical
'violence' of that 'portion' of the SSW<->UES harmonics phase during
which the interaction occurs. If it occurs during 'shelling', the
harmonics of the incoming energy has to fit into that
peripherally-compressed portion of the SSW<->UES harmonic's dynamics,
or the incoming energy will just pass-through relatively
unobservable - stuff like the photoelectric cutoff frequency derives
in these phase-matching frequency correlations. It's frequency that
determines whether the energy carried in an incoming SWS<->UES
harmonic can fit into, and, therefore, interact sith, observably, any
portion of an SSW<->UES harmonic's continuously-varying
energy-density. Frequecy too low [WL too long] and there'll be a
correlated energy-density perturbation, but nothing will be
'flung-out' - the wave-wave interaction is sub-threshold, and just
settles back in under the exertion of [the work performed by] the

The analogous stuff also applies to the 'nucleation' 'portion' of the
SSW<->UES harmonics, except that be-cause the 'nucleation' energy is
relatively 'condensed', there's a relatively-broader range of
possible frequencies for the incoming energy. That is, incoming
energy can interact with the 'nucleating' 'portion' of the SSW even
when the 'nucleation' is non-maximal be-cause the energy density is
commensurate with the frequency of the incoming energy.

Throughout all of these dynamics, the incoming energy can interact
with the SSW-bound energy only while their phases are sufficiently
correlated. Hence the appearance of energy's being 'quantized'.

Energy is =not= quantized. =Energy-exchange= [energy transformation]
dynamics appear to be 'quantized' be-cause of the dynamics of the
phase-matching as discussed above, but all that's happening are that
continuous energy-density variations that are described above.

The little macroscopic shampoo experiment, referred early in this
discussion, allows =everything= that's energy-density relevant, and
inherent, to be easily observed. I recommend that folks do it. I juse
Johnson's Baby Shampoo - have wanted to do it with warmed, low SAE,
Mobile One motor oil, but haven't gotten around to that.

It's like if there were a continuously-rotating lunch-time automat
machine. The machine is rotating continuously, one is standing there
continuously, but one can only get 'chocolate-cream pie' once every
rotation of the device.

It's the same with SSW<->UES harmonics-correlated energy-exchange
dynamics, except it's that the frequency-matching must be in-there
for the analogue of 'getting the chocolate-pie' to happen.

All of this is 'just' in the spherical Geometry of the SSW<->UES and
SWS<->UES compression-expansion harmonics.

All the interaction possibilities derive in the continuously-varying
spherical Geometry and the energy-density variations that accompany
the geometrical variation.

What about stuff like "mass"?

"Researchers Make the Best Argument Yet That Neutrinos Are Capable of
Changing Form", By GEORGE JOHNSON


What've been referred to as "neutrinos" are 'just' wave dynamics.
That is, they're 'just' little 'ripples' in the UES, which travel as
spherical wave shells, having their own compression-expansion
harmonics, along radii of the 'spherical' [warped by other energyflow
within the UES] in which they travel in the UES.

An arc of su[c]h an SWS appears like this:

radius of SWS ---------->|<->|---------->

All wave dynamics interact with the matter of this or that 'detector'
[including the microscopic stuff in the retina of our eyes] in a way
that's Deterministically dependent upon the SSW<->UES
compression-expansion harmonics which comprise the matter of the

It's not only the neutrinos that're "changing form". It's the
'neutrino' SWS<->UES harmonics and the SSW<->UES harmonics comprising
the matter of the detectors that're both 'changing form".

If a 'neutrino' SWS<->UES harmonic phase is sufficiently compressed
and if it, then, intersects an SSW<->UES harmonic in the detector
that's also in a sufficiently compressed phase, 'detection' is

During both the SWS<->UES and SSW<->UES harmonics' expansion phases,
because the the expansion-phase of the wave dynamics that've been
referred to as 'neutrinos' 'just' fly right through the
expansion-phase detector SSW<->UES harmonics, 'detection' is not

It's all, in Generalized form, in the little QBasic apps that I've
been posting.

Quoting from the article:

"Now that researchers are reasonably sure that neutrinos have mass,
theorists must explain why. The reigning theory of matter, called the
standard model, cannot explain why any particles have the masses they
have. Theorists hope the new information will help refine the model."

[© 2002, by The New York Times.]

re. the wellspring of "mass": Anything within physical reality has
'mass' be-cause the energydynamics inherent in it's stuff are in
Deterministic interaction with the energy-surround [the universal
energy supply; UES]

This's why, for instance, one can hit a board, dropped, by an
associate, at shoulder height, at the 'instant' it's dropped, and
break it, [and] why, if one jams down the accelerator pedal of one's
car, and drops the clutch [if one has a better car than I do :-], the
car's wheels spin rather than the vehicle going forward, etc., with
respect to all phenomena in which so-called "mass" has been invoked.

In other words, at the 'instant' at which the board is dropped, the
board just 'hangs'-there due to it's stuff's ongoing interaction with
the UES. At this 'point', the entirety of the board's 'mass' is as
'inertia' [what's been referred to as "inertia" is 'just' material
stuff's 'weighing' the energy-surround while in Deterministic
interaction with it], and all that such 'inertia' is is the
energydynamics inherent in the board's stuff in Deterministic
interaction with the energy-surround . The car - same-old, same-old.
Anything within physical reality, same-old, same-old.

What's been referred to as "mass" is [not "a property of `matter`"],
but a property of the one universal energydynamic, 'parcelled'[-out]
with Deterministic respect to the energy that's 'trapped' in
compression-expansion harmonic interaction with the UES.

Tapered Harmony goes on and on like this. What's here is just a brief
glimpse into the basics of TH. I know of no experimental result
that's not already integrated, and all there is are the continuous
energy-density-variation dynamics that've been discussed above.

K. P. Collins

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