Quantum effects in the brain

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> You see, Franz, as anything is 'learned' such 'learning' takes the
> form of microscopic trophic [growth] modifications within a nervous
> system.
> Until such micromods occur within a nervous system, in a way that's
> rigorously correlated with an information set via neural impulse
> activity that, itself, is rigorously correlated with the information
> set, the nervous system cannot even 'think' a 'thought' that's
> correlated with the information set.

That includes yourself and your selectively deficient interpretation of
brains and your own life. That is, a self-regulatory selectively
compromising deficiency - at least in the 'fields of cognitive-emotional
awareness (or ditto levels of consciousness) - reflexively maintained in
order that you (you only as an easy to spot example) may stay clear - may
keep focusing "actention" _away_ - of/from your own 'CURSES' (acronym
addressing the "micromodded" aftermaths of traumatizing circumstances that I
with near certainty assume have impacted on you during your early


P.S. You may be (in a certain sense) more clever, in compromised way
[compromised by adversely conditioning circumstances that may suitably and
deservedly be briefly described as "selective Hibernation imploring" (type
situations eventuated back in your early environment)], than most of your
philosophical or neuroscientific foes.

But their kind of largely likewise compromised intellect (or selective
stupidity) better serve and reflect the AEVASIVE mind-set of the mainstream
academic and wider majority. D.S.

I hope you (all) agree! %-}


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