capturing the real time events of in vitro epileptiform activity with quicktime?

domweb domweb at
Tue Jan 14 13:46:52 EST 2003

I use Axon Instruments and have idea I might 
be able to help. Is this perhaps patch clamp 
recording where you have sets of data like 
IV curve over time, and you want to show 
the whole recording, like one IV curve per 
minute for 30 minutes, etc? 

If so, I may have ideas...

Dominic-Luc Webb
Karolinska Hospital, Sweden

On Sat, 11 Jan 2003, Giddeon Nyquist wrote:

> Hi there, 
> I was wondering whether anyone in this group would be able to suggest any 
> type of software or method that I could use to capture the real time events 
> of in vitro electrographic activity from Clampex 9.0 (Axon Instruments) and  
> convert it into an mpeg, avi, or quicktime format.  The purpose for 
> capturing these real time events would be strictly limited for presentation  
> purposes.  I just wanted to show something nicer than the basic slide.
> Nyquist

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