Open Letter to President Bush

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Thu Jan 16 16:12:38 EST 2003

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||Kenneth 'pawl' Collins <k.p.collins at> wrote:
||> An open letter to the President of The United States of America
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||There is a saying in Scandinavia that no letter should be longer
||two pages, and if the recipient is high enough, at the most one
||Dag Stenberg
|Here are my thoughts, Forthrightly.
|When I saw the 'stock market' behavior, yesterday, what had been my
|surmise, that this 'anti-Affirmative Action' action was a 'set-up',
|calculated with respect to the Nominations, which are shortly
|closing, firmed up.
|The 'stock market', yesterday, was 'disappointed' because I'd
|given-up my internet account, and, so, would not 'take the bait'.
|But there was Truth, standing in need of a Voice.
|With respect to such, my 'heart' will not refuse.
|So, in the spirit of one of my Teachers, I found it within myself to
|stand, in the face of such, to "give the last full measure of
|As that Teacher of mine, Abraham Lincoln said, in his own 'dark
|hour', ~"If I am to go down, let me go down in the name of Truth".
|With all my 'heart', it's in-me to Agree.
|Truth: that which, when Honored, enables a Man to "do no harm",
|doing that which needs to be done.
|It only seems 'otherwise' be-cause Truth is so-little Honored
|Men these days.
|And everyone 'wrings their hands' with respect to the Absence of
|Truth which so Ravages Humanity?
|No Wonder.
|K. P. Collins

And, now, while the world looks on(?), there will be a head-long rush
to 'wag the dog' in the Middle East.

As the world looks on?

All of Humanity is 'paralyzed'?

Unable to shake-off 'the beast', Abstract Ignorance [the absence of
understanding of how nervous systems process information via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I minimization within nervous systems which,
nevertheless, do process information via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I

Can't do it?

Even though this Savage stuff that has Ravaged Humanity since the
Beginning, Dictates that Humanity will, once again, be the agent
through which it Ravages Humanity?

Must allow it?

Stand by, and just watch it all unfold?

Instead of just understanding?

Instead of just lifting ourselves up above it, at last?

K. P. Collins

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