Please help: What's the best anti SAD light?

Gene Douglas genedoug at
Thu Jan 16 20:55:01 EST 2003

Well, I can't find it now.  Somebody posted, "suppose we *can* afford a
light, what then?
I found this on the net.  Apparently the difference in fluorescents is a
"tri-chromactic" light.

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> If you can't afford the lights, a second response would be to walk or sit
> outdoors an hour or so each day.  If the weather is bad, sit in a window
> with the sun in your face.  (It isn't necessary to stare at the sun.)  If
> you don't have windows in the right part of the house, go to a restaurant
> and sit in the sun near a window.
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> Though extremely well-balanced the rest of the year, a friend of mine
> to suffer from SAD during the winter months. I'm trying to talk her into
> getting counseling, but in the mean time, she's at least consented to
> light therapy.
> I know nothing about SAD lights (other than that in many cases, they're
> supposed to help), so I'm wondering: Among brands/models available over
> night, does anyone have recommendations?
> I'll try to check here as often as possible for responses, but replies by
> e-mail would help assure I don't miss what you have to say.
> Thanks in advance for your trouble.

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