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||There is a saying in Scandinavia that no letter should be longer
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||Dag Stenberg
|Here are my thoughts, Forthrightly.
|When I saw the 'stock market' behavior, yesterday, what had been my
|surmise, that this 'anti-Affirmative Action' action was a 'set-up',
|calculated with respect to the Nominations, which are shortly
|closing, firmed up.


I've been, similarly 'set-up' dozens and dozens of times.

The majority of my unusual 'style' derived in the necessity of
'marking' the 'set-ups', memorably - to document everything in a way
that, while innocuous to all, except for 'costs' that've accrued to
myself, will, if matters come to Court of Law, be as steel.

It's why I expect no one will 'trouble' me in that way.

It's been happening, in the offline-analogous way, all along. I had
to give up dating because those involved became so 'bold' that they
were flat-out savage with my dates. I even had a 'ratsie' right in
the locker room of the 'gym' that I used to go to - there I was,
naked as the proverbial jay-bird, and there was the 'ratsie', replete
in an aura of untellable disgust.

Accosted here and there, even while taking runs on the road back when
I used to do such, at the news stand where I used to purchase my copy
of the Times.

And the 'eiriness' of walking into offices where I'd never been
before, and experiencing the same ol' "deja vu all over again" [Yogie

And the 'sinking feeling', a while back, when one slip on the part of
a stranger, told me that all Hope was lost.

Since then, I've been "running on empty", rather 'desperately'
working to work through to the 10% 'point'.

It's all been so 'strange' that I've made a study of it all - and I'm
flat-out good at seeing the 'set-ups' even as they're on the horizon,
heading my way.

It's been a dilemma. For myself, I care little, except with respect
to what needed to be done, but in their essence, it's been clear that
there're grievous offenses being perpetrated against Innocents -
this's 'bothered' the hell out of me - where is my Responsibility
with respect to such?

Except with respect to a few who, rightly or wrongly, I've treated as
'fair witnesses', it's always come to, if folks are naïve, then it
was OK for me to just 'bat-down' this or that, without 'crossing any

I've 'worried', continuously, that I've been too much concerned with
'saving my own skin', which is why I've routinely 'over-shot' with
respect to such.

It's been Hard.

Do 'you' understand?

Let's see - what else is there to say?

I 'guess' just that I'm not hangin' my head.

I've got to log-off now.

At this 'point', I do not expect to be able to come back to this
online Science 'place' to enjoy the thought that there might be some
who've grasped the stuff that I've discussed [which is why I've
disclosed, as above].

If I do find employment, though, after finding a place in which to
take my stuff out of its boxes, I'll pick up from where I'm

Which is why I'm pretty sure I'll not find employment :-]

Which will mean that the archives I've kept will be lost ["buy, buy,
buy!" :-]

It's been Hard, but I've Lived Free during these years that I've been
trying to what I saw needed doing.

I've only one Sorrow that will not be quenched.

This, too, is Truth, so I'll Honor it.

Despite it's often, most likely, seemed otherwise, I've Loved you -

That's something, eh?

"Yeah, Ken, something miserable."

"Oh well :-]"


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