Please help: What's the best anti SAD light?

Thorin thorin_0akenshield at
Sat Jan 18 00:53:45 EST 2003

William, the replies from you, Gene, and Dag are quite helpful. Many thanks
to each of you, gentlemen.  :)

I'd like to add: Do you think it's worth paying a little extra for something
that produces negative ions in addition to the light?

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> > Well, supposing we can afford a moderately-priced one, what brands would
> > you recommend?  :)
> Hi Thorin,
> I see the denizens of the newsgroup are yet unable to help you out
> with any recommendations.
> I don't know enough about different brands, but I have had recommended
> a product from a Canadian company, the SADelite from Northern Lights.
> See their website for product details -
> I actually wrote for details on the SADelite, and was impressed by the
> price, the documentation, guarantee, product support, and especially
> by the scientific support (rather than testimonials) that they sent
> me.
> The essential is full-spectrum. I imagine you might be able to "do it
> yourself" for your friend by visiting a garden store that had
> full-spectrum fluorescent tubes and racks/ballasts. Probably the least
> expensive way to go, and could then  be used for indoor gardening when
> winter is over!
> But -- you may want to check the prices of the Northern Lights
> products against offerings from other producers. Check carefully for
> guarantees and support, etc.
> Here is a link to a variety of products -
> You might do a Google search to find other products to compare.
> Something tells me there will be a quack or two, or some overpriced
> pieces of shit out there.
> Good luck to your friend.

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