Mind Control: The Coverup Continues

Allen L. Barker alb at datafilter.com
Wed Jan 22 05:45:18 EST 2003

Mind Control: The Coverup Continues

The coverup and denial of domestic US mind control crimes and
atrocities continues every day.  That is not a "kooky conspiracy
theory," it is documented fact.  It should be the headline in the
newspaper every day until the US recognizes and deals with the
*victims* of such crimes, as well as ongoing research, nonconsensual
experimentation, and harassment.

See, for example, this _US News_ article from Jan. 1994:

   "The Cold War Experiments: Radiation tests were only one small 
   part of a vast research program that used thousands of Americans 
   as guinea pigs."

The victims of such experiments, including behavior modification and
mind control experiments, are still in the population and still
suffering the effects.  Even children were used in such programs.  At
a time when we are supposedly fighting a war because American citizens
were attacked by terrorists, the US still conveniently ignores these
domestic victims of its own *government* atrocities.  Perhaps the
people really don't matter, and it is just like an organized crime
group protecting its turf for its own criminal activities.

Not only are the victims of past such crimes still ignored and
ridiculed, but the experiments never really stopped.  They just became
more secret and deniable. See, for example,
Psychiatry has long been abused Soviet-style -- here in the US -- to
cover up such abuses and discredit the victims.  See, for example,

There are many *credible* victims who have claimed for years to be
victims of exactly the sorts of weapons that have been under secret
development.  Weapons which were denied for years but the existence of
which has slowly been coming out due to time and the research of
activists.  Meanwhile, the technology has advanced over the decades.
The open technology alone is amazing.  It could be used for humane
purposes or it can continue to be used for torture, harassment, and
enslavement.  Which do you think they'll choose in secret if left the
choice on their own?  For more information on the history of mind
control and the current open technology see, for example,

   Mind Control: Technology, Techniques, and Politics

Please do not let the "mind control kooks" distract you from the real
human rights concerns here in the US.  Many such "kooks" are
intentionally putting out disinformation in an attempt to focus
ridicule on the legitimate activists against (and victims of) mind
control abuses.  Others may have real mental problems, either
naturally occuring or due to harassment and experimentation.  In
either case, the subject area is nonetheless quite real despite the
so-called "kooks."

These are actual, world-level human rights crimes.  The victims are
domestic American citizens (among others).  The perpetrator is the US
government and its agents.  The coverup and disinformation campaigns
continue every day, as do ongoing abuses.  *That* is evil.

Please take any actions you can, large or small, to help expose and
end such abomintions.

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Allen Barker

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