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John Michael Williams wrote:
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> > Many of the microwave hearing articles deal with the issues of "what
> > are the psychophysical correlates of the beam's physical parameters."
> > Knowing this one can then technologically create the *physical* event,
> > causing the corresponding *psychophysical* event in the person's
> > "mind."  That is, you can modulate a microwave beam with the right
> > pulsed waveform so that if you "illuminate" a person with the beam he
> > or she perceives as sound whatever signal has been modulated onto it
> > -- including voice signals.
> > ...
> Allen, can you support this with evidence?
> According to Guy, et al (Annals of the NY Academy of
> Sciences, 1975,  v. 247, 194 - 218, Discussion), it
> is not possible to transmit voices.
> I've studied this problem, and I have good theoretical
> reasons for believing that voice (or music) direct
> transmission should not be feasible.  The only way
> I would think might work would be by modulation of
> pulses spaced in time by maybe 500 us or more -- it might
> be possible to understand, but it would not seem to
> be a voice.  I think Morse code might be possible.
> The underlying problem is that the wavelength of
> microwaves known to produce "microwave hearing"
> is many times too big to synthesize a cochlear
> response corresponding to the sound of a voice.
> I'd change this view, but only on the basis of
> good evidence.  Nothing is impossible, but
> this kind of "control" does not seem possible.

I am not familiar with the particular Guy, et al. article you mention.  
The wavelength of the microwave signal has to be in a certain range, 
but the important point is that it is *pulsed*.  It is this pulsing pattern 
that is modulated.

See, for example, this article:

  Microwaves and Behavior
  by Don Justesen, 
  _American Psychologist_, 
  March 1975, pp. 391-401.


  By radiating themselves with these "voice modulated" microwaves, Sharp 
  and Grove were readily able to hear, identify, and distinguish among 
  the 9 words. The sounds heard were not unlike those emitted by persons 
  with artificial larynxes. Communication of more complex words and of 
  sentences was not attempted because the averaged densities of energy 
  required to transmit longer messages would approach the current 10 
  mW/cm2 limit of safe exposure. 

There is also a US patent for a device based on this principle.  Devices
based on microwave hearing have been discussed in certain military circles 
for years, for use in covert operations and psychological warfare.

For more info, see for example my web pages at

It is also important to keep in mind that the microwave speech-modulation
was only an example -- though it is a good one.  There has been a great
deal of military research into all sorts of ways to transmit voices to
people.  It is sort of an unholy grail of psyop.  Ultrasonic heterodyning
devices are even starting to come out in the consumer market these days. 

On the political front, there are *known* mind control victims now in the
population who are at best ignored and not even told what was done to
them.  For example,

   The Cold War Experiments
   Radiation tests were only one small part of a vast research program 
   that used thousands of Americans as guinea pigs.
   _U.S News and World Report_, January 24, 1994.

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