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jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com (jmdrake) writes:

> Richard S. Norman <rnorman at umich.edu> wrote in message news:<9cgavuoqegjfgckbf6dcom9snt1to85ui0 at 4ax.com>...
> > And anyone who claims to work with
> > antigravity is deserving the label "crank".
> Then are you ready to add NASA to your "crank" list?
> http://popularmechanics.mondosearch.com/cgi-bin/MsmGo.exe?grab_id=21872586&EXTRA_ARG=&CFGNAME=MssFind%2Ecfg&host_id=1&page_id=2900&query=antigravity&hiword=ANTIGRAVITY+

1.)  You are using "Argument From Authority" --- a known logical fallacy.

2.)  Your link is not to NASA, but rather to _Popular Mechanics_ --- 
   a publication whose credibility and reporting accuracy has degenerated
   to to point that it is now on the par of _The National Enquirer_.

3.)  The quality of science and engineering at NASA are also no longer what
  they once were. Some of the "research" NASA is funding these days under its 
  so-called "Breakthrough Propulsion Programm" is indeed crackpot nonsense.

-- Gordon D. Pusch   

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