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> Future Sub-lethal, Incapacitating and Paralysing Technologies-
> Their Coming Role in the Mass Production of Torture, Cruel, Inhumane &
> Degrading Treatment
> by Dr Steve Wright, Director of the Omega Foundation
> A Draft Paper Presented to the Expert Seminar on Security Equipment & The
> Prevention of Torture
> 25-26 October 2002 London, UK
> Future Sub-lethal, Incapacitating and Paralysing
> Technologies-
> by Dr Steve Wright,
> Director of the Omega Foundation
> This paper covers the emergence of new sub-lethal, incapacitating and
> paralysing technologies and their coming role in the mass production
> of torture, cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment. It grew out of
> the work the Omega Foundation has undertaken for Amnesty
> International (on electroshock, restraining and torture
> technologies), the European Commission, the European Parliament and
> Landmine Action. Throughout its' existence, Omega has tracked
> technologies, particularly less-lethal weapons) deployed by the
> police, military and security services to create human rights
> violations, including weapons used in torture. However, such
> technologies have always been seen by us as multi-functional, weapons
> of flexible response rather than specifically designed just for a
> role in torture.
> Thus in many senses, to look for specially designed implements of
> torture is a rabbit hole, since very few manufacturers would deem
> such a role for their products. There are of course exceptions, for
> example, the `House of Fun' electronic torture chamber designed for
> the Dubai Special Branch by a company here in London. Standard
> operating procedures become routinely used in torture and should be
> considered as a form of torture software, with the teaching of the
> torturers as a live-ware capable of being exported and replicated.
> Some of these devices and techniques are bespoke. For example,
> the `Apollo machine' devised by Savak, the Shah's secret police in
> Iran (it delivered an electric shock to sensitive parts of the body
> whilst a steel helmet covered prisoners heads to amplify their
> screams) was also used by the succeeding regimes religious police.
> Others, such as the sensory deprivation techniques evolved by the
> British Army in Northern Ireland, now form part of the interrogation
> procedures by Special forces throughout the world.
> --------------------------------
> 3.5 Directed Energy Weapons
> Directed weapons offer what is known as a tuneable munition and such a
> capability now goes hand in hand with the Pentagon sss notions of
> layered defence. Essentially this means attacking civilians and
> combatants together assuming an onion approach where each progressive
> layer becomes more lethal with combatants at the centre of the onion
> being targeted with old fashioned lethal force.
> These are perhaps the most controversial and potentially illegal (viz
> EU directive, SiRUS laser ban etc) variants of alternative APM
> sss. Directed Energy or Radio frequency Weapons using the microwave
> part of the electromagnetic spectrum are probably the most
> controversial area of development. They are discussed in NonLethal
> Weapon circles but little in the way of hard data is provided given
> their sensitivity. They are seen as offering a potential rheostatic or
> tunable response from less-lethal; to lethal. Already demonstrated is
> the ability to induce a heating effect up to 107 degrees F to induce
> an artificial fever.  There has been much speculation but a dearth of
> hard data about such psychotronic weapons which are already worrying
> those concerned about bioethics. Such electronic neuro-influence
> weapons would be in breach of the recent EU resolution regarding
> technologies which interact directly with the human nervous
> system. Voice to skull technology has already been discussed in the
> literature.
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