Is a cochlear hair cell a neuron?

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Tue Jul 1 17:54:24 EST 2003

On Tue, 01 Jul 2003 15:25:20 -0400, Kalman Rubinson <kr4 at>

>It generates a chemical signal on a regular basis and the magnitude
>of that signal is modulated by a mechanical and an electro/chemical
>input.  I would only call it a variable resistor if it were
>electrical-in and electrical-out.

Why is it that when a person looks at a radio the person looks at the
parts as being parts and not assemblies of parts (a component is made
of numerous chemical bounded substances) and studies what the
component does based on what it does and not on what each little part
does alone?

Chemicals are both pre-cursers for action and on-action transmitters
but not one chemical does anything on its own. They do what they are
'told' to do by those before it in the flow. They react. 

I call it a variable resistor because it does have charge in and
charge out and that charge is regulated by the reactiion to the
excitement of the specific frequency the receptor is made to react to
where the amplitude alone controls the amplitude of the wave being

OK... go ahead... attack away.... be colorful though... I have not
been on usenet this time for more than a week after quite a few years
of absence and I really miss the heartfelt commentary and insightful
rhetoric and the... wait a minute... that wasn't usenet...

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