Drugs used to enhance studying draw concern

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| How to manufacture a drugs panic - From miracle ADHD cure to deadly
| 'drug of abuse' within a few short years.
| I suppose when you have the hysteria there is about drugs in the US
| is inevitable that the media view of drugs ranges from miracle cure
| deadly disease - often for the same drug within the space of a few
| years.
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| Posted on Sun, Jul. 06, 2003
| Drugs used to enhance studying draw concern
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The real costs are subtle.

Heightened-concentration occurs innately
when global nervous system dynamics
warrant it - in a way that's tightly-integrated
with respect to experience - and is of para-
mount-importance with respect to survival
in the midst of Life-threatening circumstances.

I expect that, when the studies are done,
which they should be, Researchers will find
that individuals who've formerly ab-used
drugs, when tested under the same non-
drugged conditions with respect to circum-
stances designed to [Ethically] 'replicate'
Life-consequential tests, will perform less-
proficiently than will subjects who've not
ab-used drugs.

This, be-cause ab-normal chemo conditions
result in the ab-normal driving of neural dyn-
amics which results in the subsequent ab-
normal convergence within non-drugged
neural dynamics be-cause any "biological
mass" that's constructed in the drug-induced
'state' tends to be 'state-dependent, and lingers
in a way that interferes with subsequent non-
drug-'state' TD E/I-minimization [at least un-
til withdrawal is complete [which for substances
like nicotine, takes a decade+ and probably
leaves an enduring Learned performance
differential indefinitely because the effect is
like taking years out of normal neural informa-
tion processing dynamics, which leaves the
individual 'trailing' normal development there-
after]. Because of this last stuff, it's relatively-
easy to spot folks who've abused drugs by
studying behavioral differentials.]

Anyway, the set-up for such studies already
exists - given the societal cross-section from
which they recruit, any typical Military boot
camp already has all of the necessary

The only thing that will be difficult is with
respect to Forthrightness with respect to
former drug ab-use, given negative sanc-
tions in-place in the Military.

On reflection, though, the bood camp test
conditions are probably not so straight-
forward. Sans-drug-use deprived social
conditions will mimic the drug ab-use stuff
I've discussed above, and must be
controlled for.

Anyway, my point is with respect to the
fact that drug use is never at 'no cost' to the
user in terms of neural information process-
ing dynamics.

It's a great injustice to folks that such is not
common knowledge.

That it is not is a result of the mega-bucks
dumped into the societal millieux by the
Pharaceutical manufacturers, often with
foreknowledge that drug use instantiated
is tantamount to drug use - and 'profits' -

Which is reprehensible in and of itself, and
moreso because of the spill-over with respect
to the generalized view that 'taking a pill' is the
'fix' for anything and everything.

K. P. Collins

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