Drugs used to enhance studying draw concern

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> How to manufacture a drugs panic - From miracle ADHD cure to deadly
> 'drug of abuse' within a few short years.
> I suppose when you have the hysteria there is about drugs in the US it
> is inevitable that the media view of drugs ranges from miracle cure to
> deadly disease - often for the same drug within the space of a few
> years.
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> Posted on Sun, Jul. 06, 2003
> Drugs used to enhance studying draw concern
> mkhan at herald.com
> Two prescription stimulants widely bought and sold on the university
> underground in South Florida and across the country are increasingly
> drawing criticism from doctors, law enforcement, ethicists -- and
> fellow students.
> The drugs, Ritalin and Adderall, are used illegally to enhance
> studying by as many as one in five college students, according to a
> November 2002 study published in The Johns Hopkins News-Letter.
> At the University of Miami, administrators have put up fliers and
> posters around campus in recent years warning students of adverse
> effects from misuse of the drugs. The University of Florida is
> studying the level of use.
> Experts say Adderall and Ritalin help students focus longer and get
> their work done quicker.
> ''It's a miracle drug,'' said Matt, 19, a finance major at UF who grew
> up in Fort Lauderdale. ``It is unbelievable how my concentration
> boosts when I use Adderall.''
> Matt, who did not want to be identified for fear he would be charged
> with a crime, credits Adderall use for his improved grades. He says he
> went from a 2.75 grade-point average in his first semester to a 3.25
> in the second.

Great a finance major. How tough is that. Please!!!

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