Drugs used to enhance studying draw concern

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>How to manufacture a drugs panic - From miracle ADHD cure to deadly
>'drug of abuse' within a few short years.

>I suppose when you have the hysteria there is about drugs in the US it
>is inevitable that the media view of drugs ranges from miracle cure to
>deadly disease - often for the same drug within the space of a few


>Posted on Sun, Jul. 06, 2003

>Drugs used to enhance studying draw concern
>mkhan at herald.com

>Two prescription stimulants widely bought and sold on the university
>underground in South Florida and across the country are increasingly
>drawing criticism from doctors, law enforcement, ethicists -- and
>fellow students.

>The drugs, Ritalin and Adderall, are used illegally to enhance
>studying by as many as one in five college students, according to a
>November 2002 study published in The Johns Hopkins News-Letter.

What makes you think that ADHD is limited to children?

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