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>HOWEDY Nevyn!
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>> Hi Jerry
>> Can you give me some tips of calming fear agressive and abused dogs?
>> and any training tips to turn them back into companions?
>It's all in WON day's work, Nevyn.
>> They try to kill anyone who approaches them.
>SHOWENDS like The Puppy Wizard's kinda dogs.
>> They gotta be fed with a bucket on a stick lol.
>A very interesting problem. Not for nuthin, but what happened
>to their handler, just HOWETA curiHOWEsity? This is gonna
>be an exciting challenge.
>> Nevyn
>First, run your Doggy Do Right (And Kitty Will And A Rooster
>Did And A Cockatoo Or Two Did Too) Machine nearby. If there's
>no electricity, get a 12V car or motorcycle battery and cut the
>trainsformer off and hot wire it to the battery. Wrap them in
>plastic to protect them from moisture. Set the DDR to 8 X D.
>Restart the unit and operate it for fifteen minutes at a time,
>shutting it off momentarily before restarting it during the times
>you're approaching and working with them, as the first fifteen
>minutes cycles differently than the full WON HOWER program.
>If possible, discontinue any other human contact except by you
>ONLY, during the training and feeding times. Discontinue feeding
>them in a bucket at the end of the stick.
>Use your voice the entire time you're nearby, just to get
>them used to it. At feeding time DO NOT offer them food,
>as that will create food aggression / fight / flight response.
>Praise each eye contact, move, or thought, in your direction,
>even if it's aggressive, much as in the Hot & Cold Exercise,
>talking gently and constantly abHOWET nuthin in particular,
>avoiding all but very brief eye contact.
>After a short while, use the distraction and praise techniques
>using the minimum amHOWENT of sound, BEING CERTAIN
>to always alternate the direction the sound originates from,
>for every instance, day in and day HOWET, to break any
>aggressive barking.
>BE SNEAKY abHOWET feedin them.
>GO AWAY and return with their breakfast but DO NOT OFFER
>it to them. Take their chow and sit safely HOWETA range.
>APPEAR to indulge in YOUR breakfast, making NO eye contact
>with them, making slurping sHOWEnds as though you are relishing
>YOUR breakfast. Make a PIG HOWETA yourself, giving them furtive,
>sideways glances, as you swill dHOWEN "your" chow.
>After a reasonable amHOWENT of time, THROW their grub to
>them and skeedadle the heel HOWETA there praising them as
>you turn to leave, so they may eat in peace and not feel threatened
>by your presents or presence.
>Break their grub in to several small servings so you can repeat
>this process four times a day, if possible. After four days, they'll
>know you as someWON to look forward to see, comin and goin.
>NHOWE comes the tricky part. You're gonna haveta get them
>off the chain, as the chain is likely to be their most overstimulating
>factor, as in "chained dog syndrome." If you cross that boundary,
>you're history.
>If you've got a rabies pole, that'll be the safest way to collect them.
>Starting with the most friendly of the two, you'll have to noose them
>as they're goin for the grub you've just thrown. Put the loop of the
>noose on the grHOWEND just inside their perimeter.
>You'll have to be a marksman, as you want them to be at but not
>pulling on the end of their chain, as any contact on their collars
>will trigger them.
>If you've got a partner to distract them from hurtin you, that
>may be REAL heelpful.
>GENTLY keep them at a distance while they chow dHOWEN
>and soon as there's NO MOORE FOOD, make your move to
>snatch him up. Be very careful not to apply the noose too
>tightly as that'll trigger them or too loosely cause when you
>get them off the chain they'll slip HOWET and trigger YOU.
>If you don't have a rabies pole, use a heavy duty six foot
>leather lead with the runnin end through the handle and
>lasso him and snag him up GENTLY, keepin him at arm's
>Release the chain and immediately GET HIM THE HEEL
>HOWETA HIS TERRITORY.  AbHOWET ten feed ought do
>it. If you can get him to move further, that's better.  We don't
>want anything familiar to give him confidence in his ability
>to access his safety zone.
>THEN, come to a halt and do the Hot & Cold Exercise till
>they've settled and then proceed into the Family Pack
>Leadership Exercise and install the come command... and
>you got yourself a new partner...
>If you have any difficulty or questions, feel FREE to ask
>Your Puppy Wizard.
>Your Puppy Wizard. <} ; ~  )  >
>Oh, bye the bye? The Puppy Wizard got WON question.
>HOWE COME you didn't pose this question to HOWER
>shelter / rescue EXXXPERT lying "I LOVE KOEHLER" lynn?
>Might that be on accHOWENT of SHE PRHOWEDLY
>MURDERS dogs like these?

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