at last 666 code revealed!

James Michael Howard jamesmichaelhoward at
Fri Jul 11 07:07:45 EST 2003

According to my knowledge,  "6," at the time of the authors of the components of
"revelations," meant "incomplete."  I think the authors of that time were seeing
that people were being born who did not mature into "adults."  They noticed that
people were increasingly less able to control the "child" in them; they did not
become adults, they remained "incomplete."  Therefore, I think "666" was
intended to mean that their population was increasingly immature.  The series
"666" was intended to emphasize that it was ongoing and increasing.  More and
more "incompleteness" was occurring within their population.  The percentage of
these people was increasing with each generation.

Basically, I think the main difference between children and adults is "impulse
control."  That is, I define maturity as acquisition of the ability to control
one's impulses so one's behavior does not negatively affect others.  Now, if one
notices that more and more people are being born who cannot be "taught" how to
control one's impulses, one has to assume that teaching is failing or the person
cannot be taught.  I imagine those who noticed this, debated the answer.  I
suggest they came to the conclusion that the teaching method, religion at that
time, was still solid, so the pupils were increasingly unable to learn control.

Basically, I think the main difference between humans and other animals (beasts)
is "impulse control."  I think the word "beast" was directly intended to
identify the phenomenon occurring at that time as an increase in lack of impulse
control.  The "beast" was increasing in percentage compared to "humans."  The
"beast" was an "incomplete human" who was increasing rapidly from generation to
generation, that is, the "beast" or "666" was increasing.  ("66" is coincidence,
"666" is an ongoing phenomenon; "6666" is redundant.)  

As "666" continues, according to my understanding, more and more people cannot
control their impulses.  At some point, this results in destruction of
"civilization."  That is, at some point the majority of people cannot stop their
behavior from negatively affecting others.  This would result in the "end of
civilization."  "Revelations" and "666" and "beast" may be ancient
interpretations of the destruction of civilization from within.  This is a
phenomenon that may occur without notice by most people and, therefore, is very
important to "reveal" to any who have the "wisdom" to understand.

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