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Sat Jul 12 02:35:37 EST 2003

In article <bentn8$p4j$1 at>, Mr Michael Bibby
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>>>I know that you said that your comments where intended to be constructive, I
>>>think this attitude is a bit didactic, condescending and patronizing as it 
>>>seems to imply that you are educating me.
>>I most certainly *AM* trying to educate you. If I don't, then either
>>there's no point to education or you're incorrigibly arrogant and I
>>won't be the first or last to point this out. 
>if this is your view, and you have made it quite clear that it is, then this
>conversation is a complete and utter waste of time and can serve no purpose. you
>dismiss everything that i say simply because i am yonger than you;

Not *because* you are younger. But I *do* think you are seriously
misguided and should pause and re-evaluate. The route you are on is not
in your long term best interests.

> its funny how
>everybody is content on educating everone else, 

Not *everyone* is - some know when to listen. Most undergraduates for

>that's the solution to
>everything these days, 'educate people', but education consists of nothing more
>than telling someone what to think and thus dispensing them from thinking for

That's right and you'll find it true of PhD programmes and beyond too.
What you do "for yourself" is the hard work required to GRASP what
others are trying to teach you. It isn't a matter of just hearing it -
most folk can't even understand it to start with.

> I tend to take Feyerbends point of view when it comes to education,
>we should let our pupils decide between competing versions of truth instead of
>forcing it down their throut: truth is not universal, and even this, the most
>universal of all truths cannot be said to be universally true in the multiverse
>of possibilities.

We do exactly that. All the way through education kids get things wrong
and we put red lines or crosses next to what's FALSE. 

>the foolish man thinks himself to be wise, the wise man knows himself to be a

There you go..

>what wonder if we grow dizzy to stare into the yawning abyss of how little we

Yes - there's lots to learn.

>the more we study, the more we discover our own ignorance; you have been
>studying longer than i, does this mean that you are more ignorant than myself?

Sigh...... Do you not think your time could be better spent?

David Longley

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