Right Angular Gyrus and OOBEs

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> >To the Group:
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> >Back in September 2002, I remember reading that Swiss researchers had
> >discovered a way of inducing out-of-body experiences by stimulating a
> >part of the brain known as the "right angular gyrus". My questions:
> >Where exactly is this region of the brain? For OOBE enthusiasts, how
> >might a similar experiment (stimulation of that specific region) be
> >safely conducted at home?
> >
> >T.G.
> Blanke O, Ortigue S, Landis T, Seeck M.
> Stimulating illusory own-body perceptions.
> Nature. 2002 Sep 19;419(6904):269-70.
> Abstract:
> 'Out-of-body' experiences (OBEs) are curious, usually brief sensations
> in which a person's consciousness seems to become detached from the
> body and take up a remote viewing position. Here we describe the
> repeated induction of this experience by focal electrical stimulation
> of the brain's right angular gyrus in a patient who was undergoing
> evaluation for epilepsy treatment. Stimulation at this site also
> elicited illusory transformations of the patient's arm and legs
> (complex somatosensory responses) and whole-body displacements
> (vestibular responses), indicating that out-of-body experiences may
> reflect a failure by the brain to integrate complex somatosensory and
> vestibular information.
> I don't have on-line access to Nature and would have to walk all the
> way to the campus library to read the whole thing to see the
> technique.
> However, if you are willing to undergo open-brain surgery while
> conscious, and you can locate the angular gyrus on the right side (see
> then it is a piece of cake!

Heh. I got ah hacksaw an sum battery cables if'n ya needs ah hand.

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