at last 666 code revealed!

James Michael Howard jamesmichaelhoward at
Mon Jul 14 06:21:57 EST 2003

Well, I thought my explanation took away from "biblical" explanations totally.
That is, I think the people who wrote "revelations" had noticed a real
phenomenon in a real world, but misinterpreted it erroneously as "supernatural."

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>> According to my dictionary, "humbug" means: "a) something made or done to
>> cheat or deceive; fraud; shame; hoax b) misleading, dishonest, or empty
>> talk; nonsense."  Now, tell me in detail my you were disappointed and why
>> remarks are humbug.  ...oh, yeah !
>Your reply post gave some credit to the empty, misleading, nonsensical
>result of the previous poster's excessive (and AEVASIVE) production of
>rationales (and ditto penchant for pattern perception/recognition). Even
>though both the most and least numerological parts of your post are less
>humbuggy than the post you responded to, it was nevertheless disappointing,
>to me, in comparison to the apparently purely rationally conceived
>complementary aspect of how we evolved that you also have produced and
>usually push.
>The real-world situational, behavioural and psychological sources of the
>symbolic meaning of "the beast", and the closely related symbolic
>significance of "666" CAN be construed as you do, but this your contrivance
>also gives far too much credit, and serves to imbue or maintain undeserved
>status, to the creators of AEVASIVE cultural constructs and compilations
>such as The Bible and with it associated self-deceiving beliefs (even whilst
>such beliefs are a way of "cognitively containing", and thus coping with,
>A "primal" awareness (see, and a (my personal)
>closely related "percEPTive" unifying (umbrella) understanding of the way we
>are and have evolved, is what I barrack, and occassionally become a bluntly
>arguing bully, for. %-}

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