I'm Logging Off now

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Tue Jul 15 17:38:24 EST 2003

Hi Old Friends at b.n,

I'm having to log-off, now.

If I can, I'll be back online in the future [with many funny stories
to tell about what's been going on].

I've purchased a little place [so little that I was able to put it on
my credit card :-]

Only problem is that it's presently unlivable :-]

"Oh well" - I'm accustomed to living in unlivable conditions.

Anyway, my new address will be:

82 Better Way
Springfield, MA 01119

[No kidding, "82 Better Way" - I find it amusing that that's the
address of the only place I could 'afford' [it was in 1982 that I
gave NDT's Computer Science perspective some complete-devotion-'time'
and produced the design that was presented at the NRL in 1983 :-]

I don't yet have a phone at the new address, and really don't know,
yet, if I'll be able to afford one - have to pay for storage space in
addition to my renewed indebtedness to the C.C.S.F., utilities, and a
monthly lot fee - which stretches my earnings all-the-way.

My 'heart' is 'heavy'. I really wanted to 'hide-out' for a while -
'lick my wounds' - do some self-nurturing stuff that I've been
wanting to do  - but called my self to-task with respect to the fact
that I need to be available to folks, so I'm disclosing my address.
["Hope springs eternal" :-]

I'm still hanging-in on "K. P." duty, and am looking for a 2nd job so
I can do stuff like get back online - 'course, with two jobs I'll
have little 'time' to get back online :-]

It's 'funny' - the 'intensity' is just lifting-me-up in the work that
I do - mostly the Physics, which is forging ahead strongly - I give
myself over to working in the ol' noggin' lab while carrying out the
very 'mechanical' stuff of my Dishwasher's Job - it's amazing how
many things in the dish room provide excellent insights into Physics.

"Lemons and lemonade", and all that [ZoR, handled knowingly, AoK,

Anyway, that's it until I can work something out.

So long for now, Old Friends,


"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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