Alan Snyder and his TMS induced savant skill hypothesis

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Sun Jul 20 08:21:26 EST 2003

Don't know Peter but I think the research is written up somewhere. You'll
find their site, Centre for the Mind, on a search engine. It began with a
great guffaw and attracted various luminaries. To be perfectly honest I
think they overstate their claims but there is a baby in that bathwater
somewhere. What really pisses me off is their association of savant like
skills with genius, this is plain nonsense but makes good press; which
pretty much wraps about the central imperative of Centre for the Mind.
Nonetheless, for certain artists there clearly could be a great deal of
benefit gained from the same and perhaps it casts some light on why certain
great artistic achievements are conceived in rather perilous states of mind.
Recently read an article in New York Times about it and the journalist
himself underwent the therapy. It worked, his drawings improved remarkably
well. Even if this is put down to placebo effect (and I'm damned if I'll
accept that placebo affect can instantly turn you into a drawing savant), it
deserves close attention.

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> I looked at his website. There seems to be no research results, yet, that
> shows that this (to me very plausible and appetizing) idea can actually be
> made to work. Have I missed something?
> Peter

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