Explain this SERENDIPITY and these COINCIDENCES?

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Mon Jul 21 13:03:27 EST 2003

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> For example, some weeks ago I
> was on the net and forgot to reconnect the phone line, it remained so for
> number of hours. Finally sitting down to rest I suddenly jumped up to
> reconnect the phone because I remembered that I had left it disconnected.
> hadn't even stood up when the phone began ringing. Jane was on the phone
> I hadn't spoken to her for a few weeks and that was the first time she
> phoned in that period. Now what are the odds that at the very moment I am
> startled and reconnect the phone, she starts dialling and the phone is
> reconnected just in time for it to ring?(10 secs out of 21days
> X24hursX60minsx60secs... ) I related this event to some friends and and
> told me how they often can anticipate their partner's phone calls. The
> typical rationalist response is, "It's just a co-incidence." Stories like
> this are numerous by the way so it seems co-incidence is a prevalent thing
> in the universe.
What were you doing before remembering to connect the phone?

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