bipolar religious figures?

David Dalton dalton at
Mon Jul 21 14:01:22 EST 2003

I have read Kay Jamison's book Touched With Fire and
know that she has documented some innovative past
bipolar poets, other writers, artists and composers
who were bipolar and I am wondering if she or anyone
else has done studies into possibly bipolar past or
current religious figures.

My theory is basically that past bipolar religious
figures were well-educated individuals who sort of
had the problems of society of the day focussed on
them (and since well educated, when cracking were
likely to crackpot with at least some good stuff)
and then after becoming bipolar came up with some
important messages and also a fair bit of magical
thinking (i.e. thinking not supported or contradicted
by science of the day but not necessarily meeting
Occam's razor simplicity test, and maybe even at
times some thinking contradicted by science of the
day and later possibly validated by later scientific
advances, such as maybe some eastern mysticism by
quantum physics and modern psychological consciousness
research) which at times was just a personal aside
or personal creativity framework to the main messages 
but in later generations often was rendered more important 
than the main messages by some supposed followers.

So anyway past religious figures who got crossroads
info from many muses and then spat out (or were
inspired if you believe the religions) new main
messages may have been diagnosed bipolar in modern
times, those who supposedly (and maybe actually)
got revelations may have been diagnosed as schizophrenic
today (though I supect maybe Mohammed was inspired
to write the Koran and didn't really hear a voice
but perhaps I'm wrong) and those who got an intermediate
amount of both inspiration and revelation might have
been diagnosed as schizoaffective today.

On my web page I go into some preliminary research
in which I claim that some major past pagan and
non-pagan religious figures were bipolar and had
similar calls, trials, inspirations, low/hermit years,
maybe enlightenment/graduation at the end of the low years,
lunar phase correlation, solar flare correlation,
weather (cherubim) and/or clear sky lightning (seraphim)
effects, and maybe sunspot cycle correlation.  

However I have done very little related library research since 
1997 and these days have a geophysics Ph.D. thesis proposal
to worry about.  But I do have a science section, little
changed since 1997 (but my thinking has changed a little
since and I may get around to editing it soon and also
put in a link to Michael Persinger's web page and any
related reasonably scientifically sound [which my page 
isn't yet] web pages).   I hope to explain my cycles
and beliefs from related loving atheist environmentalist
humanist scientific, polytheistic and monotheistic viewpoints
but certainly for now my web page is in transition and
in need of editing but might be worth a quick look (it
is a fast loading plain text page) even for those who
have seen it before.   It is the Salmon subpage of and certainly my psychiatrist
Michael Nurse here in St. John's, NL, Canada knows 
about it and probably classes it as magical thinking,
unless there is more evidence to support it, but not quite 

Also I may have come close to being diagnosed as schizoaffective
before but since I respond well to lithium and if I don't
drink during waxing moon and don't believe base chakra
area muscle click divination or other forms of blind intuition
and my first mental health problem was a mild depression
in 1986 and a bit later a clear mania in early September 1991
and since I don't have voices in my head or visions other
than the blue rose vision of early September 1991 (while
highly manic) and the dove/lily of the valley/world aids day
ribbon/dancing sky vagina/fish on tail vision of mid-July
1997 while in a mixed/psychotic state Dr. Nurse maintains
my diagnosis as bipolar.   But I do intend to draw on my
scientific training a bit more in future and am starting
to assign some of my beliefs probabilities/intuitive levels
and not believe them fully without evidence.


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