AME-359 - New drug could help beat cocaine addiction ??

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Tue Jul 22 07:26:38 EST 2003

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>> On 7/22/03 8:37 AM, in article
>> Only because you make it so.
>it isn't necessary for anybody to begin using cocaine as a plaything, EJ.
>*I* don't make anybody use cocaine as a plaything, EJ.
>Telling me I'm responsible for somebody using cocaine as a plaything is a
>Because i've never given anybody cocaine.  I've never sold anybody cocaine.
>and i've never told anybody they should use cocaine as a toy.
>and i've sure as hell never even implied that it'd be okay to do it, except
>that it's illegal, and it's "artificially" bad.
>like the legalizers do.  like you do.
>flick 100785

It's not necessary for people to take up skiing, mountain climbing,
gambling, boozing, boxing or motor racing as leisure activities - but
you can't stop them no matter how many made laws you introduce.

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