AME-359 - New drug could help beat cocaine addiction ??

Carl Nisarel hostlbuddha at
Tue Jul 22 11:32:29 EST 2003

To a group I went by chance, two thousand posters I saw in a
glance, cried out flick, awakened from a trance, whither... 

> "Richard Schimelfenig" <DHempman at> wrote in
>> Too bad for you that those who chose to use any drug
>> simply do not 
> recognize
>> the ineffectual authoritarian attitude of the U. S.
>> government. Therefore, drugs are defacto legalized.
> <snipped rest of paranoid rant>

If you wish to somewhat understand Schimelfenig's paranoia, go 
a Google Groups search of: Richard Schimelfenig Delaware Drake

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