Challenging a classification under the Misuse of Drugs Act ?

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> >> Question. How do I challenge the classification of a drug under the
> >> Misuse of Drugs Act?
> >>
> >> Is anyone up for this?  Ideally any lawyers or neuroscientists. At the
> >> very least - it should force the Home Office to explain why a mad law
> >> exists.
> >>
> >> I have a few candidate drugs:  DHEA, 2C-B, some other substance
> >> currently classed as a class A drug which has no drug-like effect at
> >> all.  Eg.  2,3-butylenedioxymethamphetamine.
> >
> >    2CB is sometimes sold as Extacy and certainly does have an effect-
not a
> >good one though so certainly should be banned as it can only do harm.
> So this is based upon what evidence? How many times have you used it?
> How many people do you know who've used it?
> What do you mean by:
> 1. 2CB certainly does not have a good effect
> 2. so certainly should be banned
> 3. as it can only do harm.

    It can cause sickness- I have seen with my own eyes someone be sick form
what was 2CB.

> 1. Saying that it does not have a good effect is contradicted by
> hundreds of reports of its use which all state that it has a good
> effect on those people who are inclined to use it.  Do a google search
> yourself.

    Well a while ago you stated it had no drug like effect. I can't be arsed
doing a google cos I don't care that much.

> 2. If it is to be banned? - should it be a class A, B or C drug.
> Where is the evidence, used by the Advisory Council, to produce such a
> classification?  Drugs are supposed to be classified as A, B or C
> based upon proportional harm. As I understand it no one has every died
> as a result of using 2C-B but

    I don't know- my point is from experience it does not have a good effect
on people. I'm awfully sorry if this isn't scientific enough for you but
it's good enough for me. I'm not aware if there are any other uses for it
but I see no reason for it to be made available just as anything that can
make a person ill should be restricted (if possible). However I am for the
legalisation of other drugs but thats for reasons as to stop the way they
are distributed now (ie through criminals)

> Almost half of all unnatural deaths are related to alcohol:
> <>

    Never said they weren't

> Alcohol is implicated in 33,000 deaths every year:
> <>


> If 2C-B has never been responsible for a single death and produces no
> evidential harm - how can you justify it's classification in class A?
> 3. I can't understand that one "it can only do harm".
> Cough up the evidence please Mr Plod. - We demand a fair trial.  No
> lynch mobs here please.
> What a bizarre world we live in. We require evidence to find someone
> guilty if they commit a crime but no evidence is needed to class a
> particular action a criminal.
> As I mentioned them in my post could you please post the evidence
> against DHEA and 2,3-butylenedioxymethamphetamine, as well. The first
> is class C and the second class A.
> If were're going to have illegal drugs - it seems reasonable that, at
> the very least, a class A drug should be responsible for several
> deaths. How many deaths have 2C-B or 2,3-butylenedioxymethamphetamine
> been responsible for?

    Heroin is a perfectly safe drug- it's mixed with shit and used
incorrectly to cause deaths.

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