Challenging a classification under the Misuse of Drugs Act ?

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> > > Question. How do I challenge the classification of a drug under the
> > > Misuse of Drugs Act?
> > >
> > > Is anyone up for this?  Ideally any lawyers or neuroscientists. At the
> > > very least - it should force the Home Office to explain why a mad law
> > > exists.
> > >
> > > I have a few candidate drugs:  DHEA, 2C-B, some other substance
> > > currently classed as a class A drug which has no drug-like effect at
> > > all.  Eg.  2,3-butylenedioxymethamphetamine.
> >
> >     2CB is sometimes sold as Extacy and certainly does have an effect-
not a
> > good one though so certainly should be banned as it can only do harm.
> I was going to ask what the street name of 2C-B was but if its
> anything like Ecstasy then your argument is way off the bat.  I've
> seen many a pillhead get very messy on that stuff, as in definite
> long-term side effects.

    By effect I really meant the effect of taking ectasy short term i.e. a
high. I agree that long term abuse causes damage and I can't understand why
there is such poor education about this. Various organistations claim that
just taking one pill can kill which is highly inaccurate (as it is usually
due to over-drinking) whereas the long term effects are ignored and it's
these that are probably worse.

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