AME-359 - New drug could help beat cocaine addiction ??

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> > Only because you make it so.
> it isn't necessary for anybody to begin using cocaine as a plaything, EJ.

why do you find it 'necessary" to punish people for playing with themselves? 
are you my mother?

> *I* don't make anybody use cocaine as a plaything, EJ.

why do insist they be *punished* for doing so?
> Telling me I'm responsible for somebody using cocaine as a plaything is a
> LIE, EJ.

you are responsible for their mistreatment.
> Because i've never given anybody cocaine.  I've never sold anybody cocaine.
> and i've never told anybody they should use cocaine as a toy.

and you'll beat them and jail them to prove it, eh?
> and i've sure as hell never even implied that it'd be okay to do it, except
> that it's illegal, and it's "artificially" bad.
> like the legalizers do.  like you do.

you insist that it is legitimate for the government to punish those who do
things to themselves for kicks.

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