AME-359 - New drug could help beat cocaine addiction ??

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Tue Jul 22 13:29:51 EST 2003

flick wrote:
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> > It's not necessary for people to take up skiing, mountain climbing,
> > gambling, boozing, boxing or motor racing as leisure activities - but
> > you can't stop them no matter how many made laws you introduce.
> just because 100% of people don't obey a law doesn't mean the law is
> ineffective.

i haven't seen "armed robbery today" at the store where i buy pot magazines. 
strangely, i can't find "carjacking digest" either. what group of "criminals"
has news magazines and hundreds of advocacy groups?

how about the fact that only 4 percent of pot smokers get caught?  and what are
they doing that deserves the attention of law: amusing themselves by lighting
plant material on fire and inhaling the ensuing smoke.  clearly a heinous
activity.  let's get 'em.

it doesn't matter so much that the drug laws are ineffective: what matters is
that they are illegitimate and unconstitutional.

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