AME-359 - New drug could help beat cocaine addiction ??

Pete nospam Zakel pxhxz at
Tue Jul 22 16:46:59 EST 2003

In article <TXaTa.25350$7O.9043 at> "Richard Schimelfenig" <DHempman at> writes:

>Once they realize that they still want to get high, but good money spent on the
>drug is now wasted, coke users will stop taking AME-359 as soon as possible,

It's like Antabuse and alcohol.  It only helps those who really want to stop
drinking -- forcing people to take Antabuse is counter-productive.  I even
know of people who LIKE the combination of Antabuse and alcohol.

Note also that Antabuse is a liver toxin as well.

I wonder what kind of side-effects and toxicities AME-359 might have?

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