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> >Anyone in this group that can talk about CSF? Or any suggestions?
> >
> >thanks,
> >Mike Dubbeld
> >
> Many here can give you general information.  Some can give you quite
> detailed information.  And one or two can even give you correct
> information ;-)
> Just what do you want to know?  At what level are you interested?  How
> much do you already know about physiology?  Once we know these things,
> we can steer you properly.
> Should we assume that you already have searched google for
> "cerebrospinal fluid" and have checked out out the most promising
> sites?

I was wondering if anyone ever heard of moving it consciously. I think I
can and what value there is to be able to do this/are there diseases
related to it not moving? Does CSF have an ionic charge to it?

Mike Dubbeld


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