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>> >Anyone in this group that can talk about CSF? Or any suggestions?
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>> >thanks,
>> >Mike Dubbeld
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>> Many here can give you general information.  Some can give you quite
>> detailed information.  And one or two can even give you correct
>> information ;-)
>> Just what do you want to know?  At what level are you interested?  How
>> much do you already know about physiology?  Once we know these things,
>> we can steer you properly.
>> Should we assume that you already have searched google for
>> "cerebrospinal fluid" and have checked out out the most promising
>> sites?
>I was wondering if anyone ever heard of moving it consciously. I think I
>can and what value there is to be able to do this/are there diseases
>related to it not moving? Does CSF have an ionic charge to it?
>Mike Dubbeld
Cerebrospinal fluid is a salt solution containing, mostly, NaCl.
Therefore it has a very strong ionic charge (Na+ and Cl-).  However,
it is not that different in any regard from other body fluids like
blood plasma or intracellular fluid or tissue fluid (the stuff that
collects in blisters). Note: the positive and negative ions cancel,
the solution itself is not electrically charged.

The fluid normally circulates.  However, there is no way in the world
to influence the movement consciously.  The web site you need to visit
is http://www.epub.org.br/cm/n02/fundamentos/circulation_i.htm which
is specifically about circulation.  Other useful sites are
http://www.mult-sclerosis.org/cerebrospinalfluid.html and

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