Explain this SERENDIPITY and these COINCIDENCES?

Turtle0 turtle0 at deleterogers.com
Wed Jul 23 06:32:34 EST 2003

"John H." <john at faraway.com> wrote in message
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> News wasn't over, Jane doesn't watch that news anyway. Look, I just cited
> this as an example of a highly unusual event, it could still be a
> co-incidence. Never did I think it would create such a riot!
> If she was ringing prior to my connecting the phone the phone should have
> rung immediately upon connection, rather there was a delay of some
> Still, you might be right there, my memory of the timespan isn't that
> but I don't think it essentially changes the the unusual nature of the
> event.
If you're in North America, there is a 3 second delay between rings.  More
than that and she would have had the call would have to have gone through
after you connected the phone.

Doesn't change anything, just that it might be that she didn't initiate that
call at the exact moment you connected the phone.  Maybe there was some
circumstance that cause both events to be more likely to occur
simultaneously such as the end on a television programs at 1 and 1/2 hour

Regardless, it would still be a noticable coincidence.

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