Lax parents blamed for 'attention deficit' behaviour

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>>Considering that there are definite differences in brains between people
>>with ADHD and people without it, and other biological differences, like
>>differences in reactions to drugs, I believe that, without a doubt, ADHD is

>But the claim is not necessarily that it does not exist at all, but
>rather that it is over-diagnosed (esp in USA). In fact, the original
>post says that Dyer would agree with that.

>From what you know (above)... can you distinguish those two cases?
>That is, whatever you consider to be "legit" ADHD, can you estimate
>its prevalence?

Everyone seems hypnotised by the false equation of hyperactivity with
ADD. Hyperactivity is often (but not always) a symptom of
ADHD. Hyperactivity can also be due to other things, e.g., bipolar
affective disorder, as well as confusing parenting. So it will always
be difficult to remove ambiguity from studies of the hyperactive
variant of attention defiict disorder. It would be much easier to draw
distinctive conclusions if researchers would even go so far as to
include some non-hyperactive ADD kids in their studies. When they
don't even seem to know that such a category exists their conclusions
are very suspect.

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