Kalman Rubinson kr4 at nyu.edu
Wed Jul 23 11:52:55 EST 2003

On Wed, 23 Jul 2003 12:42:40 -0400, r norman <rsn_ at _comcast.net>

>Gravity does work as usual and the pressure varies with height, just
>as in the circulatory system.  But, also just like the circulatory
>system, gravity cannot produce circulation. Under the influence of
>gravity, blood would pool in the feet and CSF at the bottom ot the
>spinal cord (in upright humans, at least).  The closed circulation
>must be due to some active, energy-requiring process.  So it has got
>to be muscle contraction or cilia beating or an increased pressure at
>the source (and a decreased pressure at the sink).

Well, we do know about the last part as they can be measured.  What I
was musing about was whether simply changing ones position wrt gravity
(as in Yoga manoeuvers) might influence the normal circulation.


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