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Thu Jul 24 08:19:48 EST 2003

On Thu, 24 Jul 2003 02:46:31 -0400, "Mike Dubbeld" <miike at erols.com>

<snip a lot of abuse, leaving only the following example>

>Thanks for the cisternogram. Your attitude lives up to my expectations
>for neuroscience as a hole. :)
>I recommend you study quantum mechanics.
>Bend over while I shine up my boot and show you what validity is......
>Mike Dubbeld

You come into a science news group asking a very silly question:
  "Anyone in this group that can talk about CSF? Or any suggestions?"

You amplify your request, clearly indicating that you do not have any
bacground (or apparent interest) in physiology or science.

You become abusive when given the correct answers.

You say you want to TEST your statement.  Well, the cisternogram IS
the test!  Label the CSF in some way (a harmless radioactive label is
the easiest way) and follow the progress of the label.  That is the
simple, direct way of watching something move and determining if the
movemet is changed.

Most knowledgeable scientists don't bother answering queries like
yours because this is the all too frequent outcome.  I persist in my
naive believe that there are occasional students or lay people who
really are interested in learning. It is worth putting up with the
shit from people like you just to help them.

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