The kind of addiction-motivator most missed by scientific minds (was: Sugar and fat 'as addictive as hard drugs' researchers say)

Peter F fell_spamtrap_in at
Fri Jul 25 11:18:16 EST 2003

No matter what path to psycho/somato-pathology the neurochemical mechanisms
behind addiction follows, its by far most common environmental
(life-situational) causes, various fast and/or slow psychological trauma
(with or without a dimension of physical injury and/or pain), have by
definition also given rise to a corresponding (broad but definable) type of

I have contrived an aptly allusory umbrella concept (to be used as an
alternative to any of the 3 more or less similarly meant, by others already
coined and in more and less wide-spread use, terms) for any and all memories
of that category of memories. It is an acronym, elastically plaited together
to the extent that its spelling is allowed to vary but its pronounciation is

The most simple way to spell it is "CURSES"; and its most lengthy 'acronym
abbreviated' spelling is, approximately, CCKHHURSEES.

The short and the long (and most thoroughly auto-defining) version of this
acronym concEPT is derivable from:

"Conditioned-in", more or less Chronically Kept "Hibernated", Hence
Unconsciously 'Remembered', Stressors [specifically SHITS-type such]
Effecting EVASIVE (and other) Symptoms.

The pragmatically stunted seriously rational and science-aligned (and
borderline "fuzzsilly" logical) acronym-concEPT version "EVASIVE" (stunted
merely for the sake of starting it with a more acronym-accomodating E) has a
more indEPTh and complete (but still borderline "fuzzsilly" logical)
version, namely our "AEVASIVE" [from "Ambi-advantageously Evolved (etc...)].

The acronym concEPT "AEVASIVE" is a typically elastic pointer to our
uniquely human capacity and tendency to cope with being in situations
'consisting' of a more-common-than-not conflux of, on one hand, some
SHITS-type (~=slowly to rapidly traumatic) situation and/or CURSES, and, on
the other hand, one or more environmental "Opportunity-type evolutionary

The other part of this didactically useful and thoroughly defined dialectic
dichotomy, of all conceivable evolutionary pressures, is "Adversity-type
evolutionary pressures". SHITS is the result of that I have come to strongly
recognize, and how I see fit to approximately define and put an
umbrella-label on, a very significant subset of Adversity-type evolutionary


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