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Charlie Wilkes wrote:
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> wrote:
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> >  No. He's a spammer, who came on here five or six years ago trying to sell
> >a $100 rip-off scam product called the "Doggy Do Right". He claimed this
> >device would magically solve all dog behaviour issues just by buying it and
> >plugging it in. (This is patently ridiculous; even if it were true, the DDR
> >would be a rip-off because similar devices can be bought from catalogs for
> >$20-$30.)
> We shall see.
> My DDR just arrived today and I would like to test it systematically.
> First, I want to determine if it has any influence on behavior vs. a
> control box and then I want to quantify any such influence.
> I am not a scientist, so I would like help designing my experiments.
> Anyone know any good books about designing animal behavior tests?

I don't... but, all I have done is base my observations on the past
behavior of my animals.

I have a very large number of cats since we dabble in cat rescue, and it
has drastically improved the cat's territorial tendency to use the floor
in the immediate vicinity of the litter box instead of going IN the
litter box. It was not a severe problem as only maybe 3 or 4 cats were
participating in the behavior but it has pretty much gone away. ;-)

The nocturnal territorial snarks have also decreased.

Also, Cockatoo's are very social birds and I don't have the time to
spend as much time with Freya as she really needs since I work full
time, so she tended to be quite destructive (out of boredom), despite
serious attempts on my part to provide her with sufficient distraction,
love/attention and home made toys. Her desructive chewing behavior,
after 6 years of dealing with this, has been reduced to a minimum after
running the DDR in her vicinity. My other alternative would have been to
keep her locked in a cage, and that is not an option. That leads to
insane and dead parrots. :-(

No, it does NOT have the "magical" effects for dog behavior that Jerry
claims, but Jewely has seemed to respond to training better when in the
house with the DDR. It seems to calm her and increase her attention
span. She is a young border collie and quite hyper. <G> I have been
very, very patient with her and she is coming along well, but slowly.
She is well worth the time. She adores me and I adore her..... Such
beautiful eyes!

Be sure to NOT run it on the highest setting all the time! The animals
seem to do better on settings 2 and 3. Use setting #1 when you plan
training sessions.

For me personally, the DDR seems to have been far more useful in
improving bird and cat behavior problems and has had only minimal effect
on the dogs, but then I did not have any serious behavior issues with my
older, well trained dogs. Just the new one, and patience, kindness and
love has been the key with her. I don't hit my dogs.

I'm not dissing the DDR for calming, Jewels seems to be more relaxed at
night and paces less when she is with me at night. She is allowed to
sleep with me a couple of times per week.

I really am not much of a Jerry fan as he is SUCH a horrible people
abuser, but his DDR seems to perform well, even tho' it is not the
"miracle" cure that he claims. I do not regret the price. ;-)

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