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HOWEDY Charlie,

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> >
> >  No. He's a spammer,

Seems HOWER dog lovers are MOORE
concerned abHOWET "spam" than learnin
HOWE to handle and train their dogs FOR

> > who came on here five or six years ago trying to
> > sell a $100 rip-off scam product called the "Doggy
> > Do Right".

and has a two year full, free, warranty, including
paid return shippin.

> > He claimed this device would magically solve
> > all dog behaviour issues just by buying it and
> > plugging it in.


Including paid return shippin...

> > (This is patently ridiculous;

What's patently ridiculHOWES is:

Here's Canis55 before he developed wet brain:

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> I think you should keep up the good work.
> that piece about beating the shit out of only
> part of the dog and waiting to beat the other
> part till it's the proper age cracked me up.

> they don't even know how insane they sound
> even when you throw it back at them.

 On Sun, 30 Sep 2001 13:12:00 -0400, Jerry Howe wrote:

> >  Yeah, I guess I've been bitch slapping them a bit.
> > Perhaps I should  take off the kidd gloves? j;~)

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> >  > thanks. saw the board this morning. looks like
> >  > you were real busy last night. hehehe


> > even if it were true,

"(This is patently ridiculous;"

> > the DDR would be a rip-off because

"(This is patently ridiculous; "

> > similar devices

"(This is patently ridiculous;"

> > can be bought from catalogs for $20-$30.)

"(This is patently ridiculous;"

THE WHOLE WILD WORLD. And there ain't
NUTHIN guaranteed FOREVER... except The
Puppy Wizard's STUFF.

> We shall see.

Well Charlie, that is patently ridiculous; HOWER
DOG LOVERS won't stop punishing and hurting
their dogs, and they'll do and say anything to defend
their alleged right to hurt and kill dogs as they've been
doin for all their miserable live's and careers.

> My DDR just arrived today

Congratulations, Doggy Do Right (And Kitty Will
And A Rooster Did And A Cockatoo Or Two Did
Too) Machine owner!

You're gonna LOVE The Puppy Wizard's Doggy
Do Right (And Kitty Will And A Rooster Did And
A Cockatoo Or Two Did Too) Machine, as so
many other of The Puppy Wizard's FREE WWW
Wits' End Dog Training Method Forum Student's
like Nevyn, Lisa B, Margaret Hoffman, Elaine McClung,
and many MOORE, for which they've been called LIARS,
by The Puppy Wizard to promote HIS SCAM product.

Perhaps HOWER anti social psychopath dog abusers
should all BUY WON, and then have The Puppy Wizard
arrested at the airport on his way to Brazil with their
defrauded funds?

Seems HOWER dog lovers just IGNORE Misty's
and katra's REPORTS abHOWET their Cockatoo's
behavior problems modification.

> and I would like to test it systematically.

You won't CONvince HOWER dog lovers of nuthin
untill some descartean animal abuser like professor
lyin doc "SCRUFF SHAKE and SCREAM 'NO!' into
IT'S face for 5 seconds and lock IT in a box for ten
minutes meditation and reflection" dermer, raises
a litter of pups using half as a control and running
DDR on other litter mates, and then KILLIN them
and puttin brain tissue under a electron microscope.

> First, I want to determine if it has any influence
> on behavior vs. a control box and then I want to
> quantify any such influence.

The Puppy Wizard sees no advantage to DISADVANTAGE
a dog, especially a problem dog, to a "fake MAGICK BLACK
BOX," knowin THAT ain't gonna heelp IT overcome his
anxiety behavior problems.

> I am not a scientist,

That's a distinct advantage and a BLESSING for HOWER
dog Holly (The Puppy Wizard finally got over HIS mental
block over your pup's name soon as HE realized HE couldn't
remember her name cause it's the same as an old girlfriend).

Funny thing, HOWE the mind works, ain't it?

> so I would like help designing my experiments.

Well, lying frosty dahl IS a SCIENTIST.  She REPORTED
of MOORE than a few inches from the unit, and it CERTAINLY cannot be heard
by roosters... it's all in her documentation.

Pay attention to your rooster's crowing behavior and tone.
If he's particularly sensitive to lights comin on at nite and
crows, you should see THAT diminsh considerably over
a couple weeks, maybe less.

Perhaps you and lying frosty dahl can get together
and work up a SCIENTIFIC protocol for testing these

You can be the control, and she can continue shocking
and choking and ear pinching and beating her dogs
with sticks... and then we can KILL your dogs and
examine their brains at professor SCRUFF SHAKE'S

Just think, professor SCRUFF SHAKE will have Holly's
dead brain settin on his desk, lookin at THE LEARNIN
CENTERS under a electron microscope. Let's hope he
don't spill his decaffe on it, or you'll have to get a new

> Anyone know any good books about designing
> animal behavior tests?


That's HOWE COME The Puppy Wizard refuses
to allow university scientists to study HIS DDR on
dogs THEY have in their abusive care and custody.

The Puppy Wizard is fixin to review Scott & Fuller's
classic work "Behavior, Genetics, And The Social
Development Of Dogs," (The Puppy Wizard thinks
HE'S got the title correct...) and find the glitches in
his protocols that allowed his dogs to demonstrate
the "developmental stages" which The Puppy Wizard's
FREE WWW Wits' End Dog Training Method Manual
trained dogs DO NOT DISPLAY...

Seems even excellent works like theirs, are not safe
from assault by The Puppy Wizard's, TWISTED MIND.

Here's the deal, Charlie. The shrink could give you
massive doses of every theraputic mind altering
substance, shock therapy, even a frontal lobotomy,
but if your goddamned wife is trying to subvert you
and ruin your life by constant bitchin abHOWET not
puttin the goddamned toilet seat down, you'll STILL
BLOW YOUR FREAKIN FUSE and beat the crap
HOWETA her or go into depression, if you was
predisposed to doin so PRYOR to treatment.

SAME SAME SAME SAME for the dogs we're dealin
katra, who has SEEN EXCELLENT, no, AMAZING
RESULTS on her kats and birds, -

- but because she's WON of those who cannot stop
punishing her dogs, she therefore SEES LITTLE
improvement in her canine's Vs her Cockatoo's and
are largely NOT DONE, cause everybody knows you
can't train a kat, and a bird cannot be punished... so
SHE DON'T  SCREW them up the fazoo with her
good professors of behavior have been taught in their

                            HOWE Doggy Do Right
       (And Kitty Will And A Rooster Did And A Cockatoo
                           Or Two Did Too) Works

     Nothing quite rips you away from what you're doing
like an offensive noise.

                 Except maybe a pleasant one.

    Think how  many times you're steeped in work or
play when suddenly, you hear your favorite song.

    That special pattern of notes does something
MAGICKAL and the world just stops. Stimuli that a
moment ago had your exclusive attention are suddenly
miles away.

    Essentially,  this is how Doggie Do Right (And Kitty
Will And A Rooster Did And A Cockatoo Or Two Did Too)
works. DDR plays a siren song of irresistible, ultra sonic
harmonics that lures a dog's attention from anxiety causing
stimuli toward a more tranquil contemplation of his universe.

    What's more, applied in a systematic pattern, DDR
makes this tranquil behavior a permanent part of the dog's life.

   The one and only trick is, don't wear out the song.

   We've all run out and bought that magic piece of music,
brought it home, then played it to death.  What we  learn is,
as long as you can't get enough of a song, it remains a song
you can never get enough of.

   When is enough enough?

   DDR has four program settings to help you avoid
wearing out Fido's favorite song before he's fully trained.
So it's important that you familiarize yourself with how
things work ahead of time.

    First, plug  the transformer into any outlet and
connect the jack to  the DDR unit. Notice at one
end a push-button switch and four lights.

  Push the button once and the first light illuminates.

  That's  the 12-hour cycle, which means the unit
automatically emits a signal for one hour,  twelve
times a day. It also means the unit automatically
rests for an hour, twelve times a day.

When the light is blinking, it's in rest mode.

    A second push engages the second light, the
8-hour cycle, meaning that the unit runs for WON
hour 8 times a day, with 2-hour rests in between.

   A third push activates the third light, the 6-hour
cycle (3-hour rest periods).

  Last is the 4-hour cycle (5-hour rest  periods).

A fifth  push and the unit goes off.

   Any interruption of power supply returns the unit to
the off position. If you've got  an uninteruptable source
to plug into, that may  be worthwhile.

Otherwise, check the unit when power surges may have occurred.

   Notice, DDR is programmed never to run for more
than an hour at a time.

   You can override this by setting the desired cycle,
then resetting after one hour.

   There are times when resetting or running it for
only a few minutes and then shutting it off for a
while, is recommended.

   The important thing is, never subject the dog to
more than two straight hours of the sound. It won't
hurt the dog;  just your chances of a swift rehabilitation.

   (Listen to your favorite tune for three uninterrupted
hours; you can see how you might learn to hate it.)

   So, if your dog barks between cycles, it may be
appropriate to run the unit for ten minutes to quiet
the dog from that barking spell,  and then shut the
unit off and turn it on again several hours later.

   Setting the right cycles for the right situations:

   If it's your own dog you're training, you might want
to start with DDR set at 12.

   This is intense therapy--six hours of sound in  a
12-hour period- -so never keep it at this setting for
longer than 8-12 hours, like when you're away at

   When you return either shut the unit off for several
hours or bump it down to 6 or 4 for the rest of the day.

   As your dog becomes conditioned to the program over
a couple of days, you'll get better results on the second
setting for long days away, and again, when you return,
reduce the setting or shut it off for a few hours.

   Cycle 8, the second light, is the preferred setting for
most immediate training situations. As the pet begins
to demonstrate progress, move down to 6, and then to
4. That's the perfect scenario, and should take place
gradually over several days or weeks as the behaviors

   When the behavior is generally excellent, you may
leave it operating at four times a day for a couple of
months, to prevent future disturbing behavior.

   It's important to understand, DDR's effects are
cumulative, rather than instantaneous. You'll interrupt
instances of barking when you run the program, but
it'll take a few days of repetition to fully effect the
changes in behavior.  Thus, an immediate cure is more
often exception than rule, but it's GUARANTEED,  so
contact me if you have difficulty.

   So start by looking for trends. Sooner or later you'll
begin to notice that, when the sound is on, offensive
behavior diminishes.  Keep observing, does it seem
to be getting better each day?  If not, experiment.

   DDR is the right medicine but finding the correct
dosage can be tricky.  The dog may not be getting
quite enough music. Or maybe he was, but is
suddenly getting too much.

   If you've left the unit running for too long on a
higher setting than necessary the dog may ignore it.

Shut the unit off for 24 hours and reset it to a lower
setting and the dog should begin to respond immediately.

   Run it on a lower setting when you resume the program
to avoid over playing the program.  Remember, less is more.

Check the settings to make sure the unit hasn't been
shut off due to a power outage or surge.  Check the
settings to make sure the unit is cycling as it is set for.

   If it's a neighborhood dog that's barking, there are two
directions to travel. The first involves a dog that is left out
for extensive periods of time, if not all the time.

   In this instance, follow the procedure just outlined.

If the dog is out periodically, or unpredictably then you
only have limited windows through which to operate.

  So set the unit to 8 the minute you either know the
dog is outside or hear it bark.

  After an hour, the unit is ready to rest.  If the dog is
still out, reset (for up to two hours), or until he goes inside.

Next time he comes out, reset again.

While it's tempting to use 12 all the time, don't leave it
"parked" there because the dog might still be hearing it
through an open window or through the walls.

  I've never seen the DDR fail to quiet a barking dog or
extinguish an anxiety behavior.  But if you over play the
program trying to force results, you will fail in your effort.

  Less is more. DDR is reliant on both random and state
conditioned learning.

  In other words we want the subject to hear the sound
program in all states of mind, not just when barking, etc.

  NOTE: DDR looks like--and is--a delicate piece
of electronic hardware. It shouldn't be subjected
to physical shocks or weather.  For outside play,
you can wrap it in a plastic bag or similar wrap,
or operate from a screen porch or place on a
window sill (in a  plastic bag) with the top of the
box aimed in dog's general direction.

  Doggy Do Right (And Kitty Will And A Rooster
Did And A Cockatoo Or Two  Did Too) is enjoyed
by rats and gerbils and other domestic and wild
animals, it won't scare away song birds, or disturb
your turtle...

But it will tame your parrot, or ferret and make your
bunny calm and even quiets rooster's and stops
horses from weaving, cribbing, biting, and kicking
and stops birds from feather pulling screeching and
squawking, and stops cows from bellowing.

  Sorry, DDR won't HOWESbreak them, but it will reduce
the anxiety that often precipitates HOWEsbreaking accidents,
but the instructions in your free Wits' End Dog Training Method  manual
available for free at WILL
DO SO, for sure.

  Just ask me if you need any help with training ALL
of your critters.  Cats and birds are especially receptive
to Doggy Do Right and will do best on a lower setting.

  Try starting them off on the third setting (6xD) and
reset the unit by hand if they become anxious in-between

  The FREE Wits' End Dog Training Method Manual
techniques also work on cats and birds and other
pets, even those we don't have much influence over,
like our kids and our neighbor's critters.

  They often can be effectively trained using the same
techniques, without physical contact or even the arousal
of suspicious or hostile neighbors or unwilling children,
employees, or employers.

  Ask for help if you have difficulty understanding the
text or implementing the techniques.

You dog will not make the progress we want if you
are mishandling and countermanding the relaxing
effects of the Doggy Do Right (And Kitty Will And
A Rooster Did And A Cockatoo Or Two Did Too)
program, by confronting, punishing, and correcting

  That's  HOWE COME it works perfectly on
"inconsiderate neighbor's" dogs, than on HOWER
own MISHANDLED dogs we're ineffectively /
inappropriately trying to force control over.

  If you have further questions, special needs, or
difficulty achieving results in your particular situation,
we can make customized modifications or provide
additional information to address your concerns.

  If you have difficulty obtaining results, or if you
have concerns, complaints, or suggestions, please
contact me.There is no problem too minor to be
important to me or too great to be solved.

But I can't address your issues unless I'm aware of them...

  I'm usually available but if you call or write and I am
not in or do not respond to your e-mail within 24 hours,
presume that I did not get your message and try again
to contact me.  I am available 24/7.

   Jerry Howe,
   Director of Research,
   BIOSOUND Scientific,
   Director of Training,
   Wits' End Dog Training
   1611 24th St  Orlando, FL 32805
   Phone: 1-407-425-5092
   Phone: 1-888-BIOSOUND (1-888-246-7686)
   ThePuppyWizard at EarthLink.Net

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