Charlie's Animal Research Lab seeks expert help.

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Sat Jul 26 16:48:26 EST 2003

On Sat, 26 Jul 2003 14:48:04 GMT, "The Puppy Wizard"
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>Well, lying frosty dahl IS a SCIENTIST.  She REPORTED
>of MOORE than a few inches from the unit, and it CERTAINLY cannot be heard
>by roosters... it's all in her documentation.
If Amy Dahl is a scientist then I'm the Pope of Rome.

I'm not interested in what Amy thinks based on a general understanding
of how the thing works.  That is not science.

I'm interested in controlled tests to document and measure the ability
of the DDR to influence animal behavior in a kennel or animal housing
facility.  With a good outcome study under my belt, then I can
entertain hypotheses about what is going on.

First I will put the box in a cage with captive animals and leave it
turned off, observing out of sight with a pinhole video camera
recording images to support my observations.

Then I will turn the thing on and begin observe in the same way.

Through my observations, I will develop metrics for stress and anxiety
-- e.g., audible sounds such as barking and whining, certain
repetitive licking or chewing behavior, etc. -- metrics that I will
confirm with vets and/or others who have extensive experience with
animals in captivity.  I will measure these metrics over a period of
time, with and without the machine in operation.

I will publish my results on the Internet for all to see and for
anyone to replicate if desired.  If anyone with a real understanding
of testing procedures points out a flaw in my approach, I will modify
my approach accordingly and do the whole thing over if necessary.

That's how it's gonna be.


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