Lax parents blamed for 'attention deficit' behaviour

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Tue Jul 29 00:03:52 EST 2003

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> :> Considering that there are definite differences in brains between people
> :> with ADHD and people without it, and other biological differences, like
> :> differences in reactions to drugs, I believe that, without a doubt, ADHD is
> :> real.
> : Could you cite the differences, and the papers which document them?  I'm 
> : genuinely interested.
> Their saccades are different, for starters...

That's not a difference in their brains, and nor is it a biological 
difference, which is what the original poster stated.

Saccades are a behaviour - and if you're looking for behavioural 
differences you could start with the criteria by which they're adjudged 
to have ADHD!  It's hardly surprising that gross behavioural changes are 
accomapnied by less noticeable changes such as the saccades you mention 
(without attribution, by the way).   


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