Jellyfishes and Paralysis

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> >I am on the hunt for neurotoxic jellyfishes.
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> >What types of jellyfishes can paralyze human beings by stinging them
> >with their seemingly silky curtains of tentacle threads?
> Try searching for "toxic jellyfish" in Google.

No fun. None of them were neurotoxic. Just painfully irritating to the
skin and mucous membranes.

If jellyfish can paralyze sharks and other vertebrates then they
should be able to just as much to the human nervous system.

Skin irritation is just plain boring.

Before reading, I expected something much more creative -- like a
frightening paralysis resembling that of REM sleep along w/ grossly
clammy skin and sickening itching sensations. In addition, the
symptoms spreading along the body as the poison travels into nerve
cells via the blooodstream.

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