Locus Coeruleus & DNAB - Recent Hypotheses ?

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Fri Jun 13 19:09:52 EST 2003

This is s 'set-up'.

Dr. Longley has repeatedly taken the position,
in, where he poses as an
'expert' in Neuroscience, that I should 'seek
treatment' for my 'psychosis' [or whatever].

He has researched the noradrenergic sys-
tem, and is here, presumably, to 'have-it-out'
with-me, most-likely, 'confident' that he will
emerge having 'verified' the position he has
taken with respect to 'me'.

Is that it, Dr. Longley?

[I wait with bated-breath, for yet more 'ad-
vice' to 'seek professional help'.]

If there is anyone here in b.n who is of a like
mind with respect to 'me', I'd Appreciate it
if they'd cut-to-the-chase, and unburden
themselves with respect to that.

Right now, Dr. Longley, I'm tired, and have
to get some sleep. Tomorrow, I have to try
to find a place to live.

But cite a paper.

Cite a paper.

Cite a paper.

As I've repeatedly asked you to do in

The way you've posed your 'contrivance' is
total B. S.

Your actions are Predatory in the Extreme.

At least I've taken this step to declare my
understanding of what is your actual

And, at least, you can, now, feel free to
cut to the chase, without further prevari-
cation, too.

K. P. Collins

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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| Anyone know of what the most favoured hypothesis currently is
| ascending NA from the LC?
| --
| David Longley

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