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| [...]
| The Difficult Problem - the jaws-of-the-vice
| stuff - was that, since nervous system function
| is tightly-integrated - especially so in the cases
| of folks who accept the Rigors of Science - it
| was also the case that Affect is aligned in a
| tightly-integrated way with respect to TD E/I-
| minimization.
| So, because I =had-to= do this stuff that could
| =only= elevate TD E/I within folks' nervous sys-
| tems, and because folks' nervous system func-
| tion is tightly-integrated, with Affect being Rigor-
| ously-aligned with global TD E/I, I had to do the
| thing that, on-average, would tend strongly to
| induce folks to 'move away from'.
| [...]

Now, apply your Understanding of NDT to
=everything= that you can.

You'll see the Same-Stuff Ravaging
Humanity all over the place.

It all comes down to =one= thing.

"Abstract Ignorance" - the absence of
understanding of how and why nervous
systems process information via 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization within
nervous systems which, nevertheless, do
process information via 'blindly'-auto-
mated TD E/I-minimization.

All of "man's inhumanity to man" derives
in this =one= thing, left uncomprehended.

Individuals Kill, and otherwise Ravage
one another, be-cause of this one thing,
left uncomprehended.

Nations wage War, and otherwise Ravage
one another, be-cause of this one thing,
left uncomprehended.

It's what underpins =all= devaluing of not-

Be-cause folks haven't comprehended
"Abstract Ignorance", they literally, but
always Erroneously, that that which is
merely 'unfamiliar' is 'bad', and behave
in accord with such.

This's what precipitated the terrorist
attacks in New York City, and Washington,
D. C. on 2001-09-11, and around the
globe since then.

It's what has armed factions working to
slay Peace in the Middle East.

It's what has precipitated all the blood-
shed of all the Wars that have ever
Ravaged Humanity.

It's what Enslaved the African-Americans.

It's what Slaughtered the Native-Americans.

It's what Slaughtered the Jews of Europe.

It's what broke South Africa's Heart in

It's what Slaughtered folks on both 'sides'
in Northern Ireland.

It's what brought Pakistan and India [and,
Probably all of Humanity] to the 'nuclear'

It's what has North Korea, and other Nations
expressing Belligerency that Threatens
the continued-Existence of Humanity.

It's what has Slaughtered about 4 million
People in Congo, and millions more
across Africa, and which is =still= doing

And, most-importantly, it's what has
'blinded' Leadership with respect to
Necessary Action in the face of all of
this 'blindly'-automated Rending of

So, to the Stout-'Hearted' I say, the
'time' has come for you to Speak-Truth
in the face of all this Savagery in which
Humanity is immersed.

Delicately, delicately, but in the Fullness
of your Knowing how it is that 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization, left
uncomprehended, wreaks Havoc within
Human interactive dynamics.

Teach about the 'blindly'-automated
'guessing' that nervous systems do,
and how such has literally 'Blinded'
everyone to the Irrationality of Humanity's
Slaughtering itself.

Teach how and why such 'blindly'-auto-
mated 'guessing' has existed in a way
that has induced folks to 'devalue' that
which has 'merely' been 'unfamiliar', and,
therefore, TD E/I(up)-generating.

Teach about the 'blindly'-automated,
Irrational, Consequences of such, and
how it's been the case that, folks've
'blindly' and automatically 'moved toward'
such Irrationality and its inherent Savagery,
while simultaneously 'moving away from'

Look all around you, you Stout-'Hearted'
ones who Understand.

You'll See that, no matter where you look,
=there= is =your= Work.

Do it.

For the Love of Humanity,

For the Love of the Children,

Do that which you Know Needs-Doing.

Teach the understanding that Transforms
'humanity' into Humanity - that Lifts-Up that
which has been in us all, all-along, but to
which "Abstract Ignorace" has 'Blinded'
us, leaving us Ravaging and Ravaged.

Happy =New= Future!

K. P. Collins

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