$130 hypersonic device calms animals -- plausible?

Charlie Wilkes charlie_wilkes at easynews.com
Sat Jun 21 18:01:15 EST 2003

I posted the message below in rec.pets.dogs.behavior.  I would like to
invite some qualified scientists to join the discussion there and help
educate a VERY attractive young graduate student...

Ultimately, she will thank you if you apply firm but tender
intellectual discipline...

Evaluate the pitch at: www.doggydoright.com.  Does it line up with
real science?



On Sat, 21 Jun 2003 13:18:50 -0700, Charlie Wilkes
<charlie_wilkes at easynews.com> wrote:

>On Sat, 21 Jun 2003 16:24:17 +0000 (UTC), mlchang at mail2.sas.upenn.edu
>(Melanie L Chang) wrote:
>>Katra (Katra at centurytel.net) wrote:
>>: Ya. I was quite pleased this morning, I no longer have to tell Jewels to
>>: sit when
>>: she comes to me. She ran up to me all happy and waggy when I went out front
>>: this morning to work on her frisbee training and she came right up to my
>>: feet
>>: and sat without being told! :-)  Good girl!
>>I think it's rather sad that you'd rather credit this progress to some 
>>scam gimmicky device, than to the work you've put in and the intelligence 
>>of your dog.
>Oh come on, Melanie.  You're a nut, but you're not stupid.  Talk to
>the right specialists in the neurology dept. at Penn and report back
>to this group.  
>You should be slightly ashamed of yourself, you know.  You have access
>to the resources of a world-class scientific community, so you can
>actually learn something before you step in with a judgment that is
>wholly premature and, according to my layman's understanding, not
>supportable.  Why don't you avail yourself of that opportunity instead
>of being like the other opinionated but ignorant nin-com-poops in
>Two questions:
>1.  Might a hypersonic device calm anxious pets or induce other
>desired behavior changes?
>2.  How likely that does it seem, intuitively, that the desired
>behavior changes would be the result of stress and/or discomfort
>induced by the machine?
>I await your response and your willingness to demonstrate that you are
>more than just a flawlessly beautiful young woman.

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